Thursday, January 15, 2009

A House By The Beach With A Side Of Hammocks and Flip Flops. Order up!

There's a movie called Fools Rush In with Selma Hayek and Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek's character believes that there are 'signs' out there that help us out everyday - we just have to be open to see it. For example, if you're deciding whether or not to go to Las Vegas or Hawaii, and later you bump into a pineapple rushing off to work, or you walk out of the bathroom and see a flowery lei trailing from your shoe. It's a subtle sign you should go to Hawaii.

I'm believe in signs to a certain extent - and I always thought I'd be able to catch subtle signs for certain things and run with it but I just realized that for me to catch a 'subtle sign' it's going to have to be as subtle as hitting me over the head with a sledgehammer and causing some blunt trauma. (OMg run-on sentence like a mofo right?)

Let me hold your hand and walk you through my story - pick your feet up, the carpet's a little sticky...

I'm sure you guys have all heard about that 'dream job' in Australia that was all over the internet and radio this week. If not, let me tell you about this 'job' - basically an Australian tourist company is looking for a 'island caretaker' to stay in a 3 bedroom house on an island by the Australian barrier reef for 6 months. You have to do really hard work such as snorkel, dive, feed the fish, take pictures, check the mail on occasion and then blog about your experience. For your hard hard work, you will be paid 150,000 for the 6 months that you are there.
Sounds grueling right?

When I first saw it on the internet, I kind of chuckled because just the other day I was telling viking hubs about how I wish someone would just hire me to sit around on the beach. Then later, when I was driving the munchkin to school, I briefly pondered about applying but figured they would probably be looking for someone with some kind of journalist background or at least a degree in English. (I know what you're thinking - you mean, the writer of the world renowned Fan letter Fridays, where in one instance I refer to Hugh Hefner's sperm as fossil dust, doesn't have a degree in English?? Shocking I know. ) So I decided to turn on the radio to drown out the voices in my head and the minute I turned it on I heard....

" the dream job in Australia is looking for all applicants, the only requirement is to have a sense of adventure and the ability to blog about your experiences...."

They were talking about it on morning radio and I thought, hmm, well that answered my question! I got home and I received several emails from friends telling me about the dream job, but again, after looking at my email - I went straight to Facebook to poke people and send them fake drinks so they can get fake drunk.

I know. I'm a brick with the word 'Duh' spray painted on it. Don't tell me things I already know okay? Now stop interrupting and let me wrap this up....

Finally, the sledge hammer sign came when I checked the mail and saw this:

A random free DVD about The Australian Barrier Reef!! Seriously. It was one of those, here's a free sample and check out our other DVDs about Rome, Alaska, the Caribbean, etc. But the free sample dvd was about The Australian Barrier Reef!

Sledgehammer sign swings, hits and my brick head shattered to pieces.

I'm fully aware that this could be a coincidence and that thousands of other people probably got this same DVD on the same day, I know this. But still....even for a brick head like me, that's too many signs in one day to ignore. I checked to see if you can take your family and you can, but there's a max on how many people you can take (there's only three of us - so we're good) and the cost for the additional tickets are not covered. So that's it. I'm applying. It can't hurt to try right?

And just between you and me, I've been having secret nightly discussions with God (I bring the coffee, he brings the donuts - and I don't have to tell you they're heavenly. Ba dum dum. - sorry, couldn't help myself.) ever since we decided that we have to (HAVE TO) move to Missouri - I've been, on the sly, begging G-dawg for some kind of miracle to happen to where we wouldn't have to move there right away. I know it's counterproductive of me since I'm also trying to be at peace with the fact that I'm going to be living in Missouri, but again, this is all wishful thinking. I can't stop my wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is what I do - when I jog by houses on the beach, I imagine living in each and every one of those houses and all the fabulous dinners I would host, when I see a plane fly overhead, I imagine it's going to Italy and I'm on it, and when I see Angelina Jolie I imagine I'm Brad Pi...well you get the picture.

It just happens automatically and I don't really know which order God's actually writing down on his pad. (I'm sure most orders He just looks me and shakes his head.) I'm posting my audition video up for you all to see and vote on next week. (The company is choosing 10 candidates to interview and 1 wild card that the people - you guys - pick.)

And hey! Remember, He took our order for that trip to NY to see Madonna' right??!

Maybe He took my order again. :)


Beth said...

I have to tell you that when I first saw the thing on TV about this job, I IMMEDIATELY thought of you. Don't ask me why... I am a writer and I know a lot of writers. I also read more blogs than I would ever admit and out of all of those people, the ONE PERSON who I thought should do that job was you.

Yo Momma said...

Beth: SERIOUSLY?? yet ANOTHER sign!! Thanks for your encouragement and you know I always take what you say as a HUGE compliment because I don't in anyway see myself as a writer like you. So is it safe to say I can count on your vote for my video? LOL! :)

karaoke queen said...

Good luck!!!! If you get the job you have to have us over to visit :) LOL!

Tug said...

HELL yeah! I'll be voting for you...this would be AWESOME.

Bluestreak said...

count on my vote.

Beth said...

I will absolutely vote for you and remember, I'm from Chicago where our motto is,"vote early and often!" :O)

Miss-Informed said...

I totally believe we are led by a bigger hand then our own, a greater orchestrator than we could in our feeble selves be. I will "say a little prayer for you" lalala...
Hope you go where you are meant to! Exciting, here's to a New Year and New Possibilities!

Cynnie said...

I'm a HUGE believer in signs !!

I'll pray to all the catholic saints i have cheesy gaudy candles of ( I'm cuban baby..we like the candles with technicolor saints on the glass )

I have good feelings about this..

can i come visit ?