Sunday, January 11, 2009

Come - be nerdy with me.

A lot of people know this - but just in case you didn't know - I'm a giant nerd and one of the things I'm fascinated about is the universe, space, quantum physics, u.f.o.s, etc. If you get me going, I can talk on and on about this stuff, and tell you my theories on certain things that'll make Scientologists look normal.

Anyways, below is a short 10 min. film called the Powers of 10 that my brother showed me a couple years ago that I thought was just amazing. I don't know what year it was made, but it looks like it was stolen off a film reel from a science class in the 1970s. But try to ignore that and watch it anyways.
It'll make you feel small, it'll make you feel huge and it makes you glad to just be a part of it all.
Oh did you see that?? I totally just spit out lyric and didn't even know it! Booya! Poet -don't know it yo.

(see? Nerd. Huge.)


Cynnie said...

I love shit like that!!
but i swear the more i read/watch/hear.. the less i understand..
but i TRY!!

Yo Momma said...

Cynnie: See girl, that's why you and me get along! closet nerds! But yeah, I'm like you - I don't claim to understand all of it, but I am totally fascinated by it.

Cynnie said...


I once had a friend try to explain to me how a fax machine worked..

I think I blacked out for a while

Lizzle said...

That was actually pretty cool... I've never seen that particular video before!

I love that kind of stuff! And if that makes me a nerd, then so be it... Though I openly admit my nerdliness on a pretty regular basis.

franki said...

jesus christ lady. we are the same person. read my artists profile here:

karaoke queen said...

I married a nerd - I am a closet nerd. Do you know Quasar? His site is amazing! Check the links on my page for great reading.

Tug said...

Yeah, um... 7th grade I got held over during lunch for acting up. My friends & I ate ants trying to get the teacher to feel sorry for didn't work. Ants don't fill you up.

That's all I know about that science stuff.