Thursday, April 19, 2007

Recognition is to AttentionWhores as Cheetohs is to Britney Spears...

...Or something like that.

Didn't you hate that part of the english test?

Hotdog is to Bun as:

A. Pen is to Pencil
B. Engine is to Car
C. John's Penis is to Mary's Vajayjay.

Guess the answer and get a prize!
Okay not really.
I'm just trying to get a point across people.

Anyways, the fine folks over at Ask And Ye Shall Receive reviewed my blog recently and as much as I don't like attention (I just heard all of you laugh out loud, in unison.) the attentionwhore in me ...which is a very small section of the otherwise humble and meek individual that I am..was pleased with the results.
Check out the awesome review they gave me, then come back here and pat me on the back....


..oh yea.

right there.

pat harder.






I usually don't submit my blog for stuff like this because I secretly like that I don't have tons of readers or get nominated for a blog award (which I didn't even know existed until some of the blogs I read got nominated. They have awards for EVERYTHING these days..but some blogs out there are BRILLIANTLY written and deserve it. CP for example. I just love her.) But in the long run, that type of thing just puts too much pressure on me to be clever all the time and to be honest, most of the time, I'm just mildly amusing if not background noise. I did submit it to Ask And Ye Shall Receive because they were especially harsh, funny and to the point, which I like. They weren't pleased with my background color but I'm keeping it vomity orange for now because it reminds me a lot of college..(college=vomit) and Tijuana Mexico (same equation, Tijuana Mexico=vomit). So I'm sticking to the gross background color. I am; however, going to take out the google ads. It was one of those seemingly million dollar ideas that never pan out. I think they owe me six bucks though.
Bastard Google.

So to sum up....
Midgets Love Attention.

Thank you.


Tug said...

YAY for you!! The colors work together, and as long as you're reminded of puke I guess it's all good. ;-)

Kristi said...

You made me touch your bottom parts against my will!

PS - You're waaaay ahead of me on those google ads. I'm sticking it out though. Those three dollars might come in handy someday.

Caroline said...

Gee, I loved the SAT analogies - a totally useless and pointless skill, granted, so of course I rocked at it. And I found your blog through AAYSR. I agree with them about the orangesicle color, mostly because I never liked orangesicles.

Caroline said...

Oops, I forgot to mention that I just love the blog - especially the "Dear Paris" letter.

Webmiztris said...

I did see your review on there the other day...good job! I'm on the waiting list....hope they'll be even half as nice to

Miss-Informed said...

Good job girl! As funny as you are, it must take a lot of thought and work for each post so good for you on the review. You are one funny chica!!!!

jali said...

You have one of the wittiest pages on the 'net!

Dare I say the corny shit?


You GO girrrrrl.

Why does my word verification start with lblb? Pound freaking pound! Now even the internet is calling me fat.

Marie said...

New reader here - congrats on the review, but really, you are one of the funniest people I read! the peach mandarin colour (yeah colour, i'm canadian) of your blog surely speaks to the sanity, interrupted part, but your writing is sooo worth it! that and your funky madonna.