Friday, April 20, 2007

A Fan and a Humidifier will DIE tonight.

It's a slow newsday celebritywise and to be honest, the hum of the fifty gajillion humidifiers and fans that are in my house is making want to gnaw my own ears off. (that would require a serious yoga pose but in the crazed state that I'm in, it can be done) Add that to the fact that half our roof is gone and you can see why I'm not feeling particularly clever at the moment.

On the bright side, insurance is pretty much going to pay for everything.
Can I get a woot woot?
or an Amen?
Even an old skool Arsenio Hall woof woof dog pound yell would suffice.

Plus, the humor of celebrity life is sometimes so hilarious that there's really nothing I can say to top it.

A fine example would be this:

See? I don't really have to say anything do I? Her orange julius tan (which goes very well with my template background I must add!) and her camel toe, high waisted pants say it all for me.

If celebs keep doing it up like Jessica Simpson. Fan Letter Friday will be reduced to just looking at pictures. On that note...HIGH WAISTED PANTS?? Please lord in heaven don't tell me these are coming back in fashion. Especially the ones that Jessica is wearing. What's with the puffy pleats in the middle of her crotch and stomach area? It looks like she pooted and then put them in her pockets for later use. (hey! John Mayer could be into that kind of kinky stuff. Don't judge.)

Or hey, check out my favorite poseur:

Again, who am I to add to genius such as this?
Avril's look is really nailing that "girl next door that works minimum wage at the mall but at home she's the lead of her garage band look. "
And by band I mean, keyboard.

Seriously. There's nothing going on. Go to Perez Hilton or and you'll see. Not a damn thing. Britney Spears..yeah yeah, she's a nutjob, Paris Hilton, SLUTEROOSKI, Lindsey Lohan...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

So lets see...what else...oh! ANTM is down to its top 5. This is the first season where I keep changing my mind on my top three. Brit has always been on my list, Dionne has been on my list since the third show but it's a toss up for the third chick. First, I did NOT think Natasha would make it this far but she is impressing the hell out of me. A betting man would bet that the top three would be Brit, Dionne and Natasha.
But call me crazy...
I'm pulling for Jaslene. Yes, I know she has a mean accent (I love it) and god, she does look like she's totally taping some peen between her legs however, I just love her. I can't explain it but I do.
Go Team Tranny!

OH ...and next Saturday I'm going to see this biatch in concert in Phoenix, AZ.

Whoo hoo! And this time I'm bringing a video camera so I can maybe post my vacation hijinks on the blog. See? Always thinking of YOU dear reader. Always.

And finally...tell me why I got overly excited when i saw THIS.

Why do I love her so?? and check it out, you (I) can get an autographed picture for 20 bucks???!!!


Now go buy me a piece of Joyce will ya?

Its 4/20 today! Double PUFF PUFF and an exhaaaallle..
Have a great weekend everybody!
Fan Letter Friday will be back next week.
Stop the hate.


Tug said...

Woot woot AMEN sistah!

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to scrub my brain & eyes to get those pictures OUT. ewwww.

Webmiztris said...

Jesus H. Christ Chex, it's like a train wreck. I can't look away from Jessica's pants! WTF are those things?? John lets her out of the house looking like that? And she must use an entire compact of bronzer each morning to achieve that look. When I look at that picture I feel like I'm looking into the fucking sun.

Miss-Informed said...

Wow, that Jessica has went of the deep end. Maybe she is trying to look like that Manillo girl was is shaggin' her ex? Maybe lure him back with her upside down golden arch's? Just a thought...

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

I still cant believe I lost Gwen to Gavin. That one still hurts.


ps thanks for the link, sister. I got you back.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

that tuna comment simpson made still cracks me up. what a ditz.