Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's Weather Forecast: RAIN

This weekend we had a nice family outing in San Diego. The hubby had to go pick up his boat from the maintenance people and we figured since we were already down there, we would partake in the deliciousness of Gus' Gyro sandwiches and pizza and take a walk by the harbor. It was a laughter filled happy happy joy joy type of a day. Our family outing started with us leaving the house at around 8:30 am and ended at around 3:30 pm, when we got home ...
.. and found that it was RAINING in our kitchen.

For a minute, I thought the dog took the biggest piss ever recorded in dog history. The dog, who knew our sorry asses would look to him for blame, was huddled in the farthest corner of the living room, not wanting to be involved in the second coming of Noah's Ark that was happening in our kitchen.
The hubster went to our upstairs bathroom and found a toilet waterfall.

The culprit?

The floaty thingy inside the toilet got stuck when someone (I) had flushed it that morning before we left. As a result, eau de toilet water (CLEAN water, thank god) floweth everywhere and had been flowing since that morning.


Meanwhile, I was downstairs trying to get the girl to get out of the kitchen.

"OOoh! Momma! Look! It's raining momma! Wow!"

Wow indeed.
At least she was trying to make it a positive experience.

The girl was eventually lured away with a episode of Charlie and Lola and a bag of gummies worms. She was easy.
Cleaning up the kitchen however, was not.
We cleaned up Lake Mead with the some towels and a sponge mop and called the water damage fellows to "assess" the damage.
By assess, we meant LOOK at the damage and tell us what's up. But apparently, water damage is a "emergency" deal lest your house turns all moldy and the other houses around the area shun it for its disgusting appearance. Oh and the fact that mold can be detrimental to your health, can cause asthma like symptoms, vomiting, blah blah blah...
They began demolishing our ceiling and ripping out the carpet upstairs. I was forced to finally clean the cluttered closet downstairs because water had gotten in there too. I found a thriving community of dust bunnies, old pictures, videotapes and random bits of baby clothing, all living together in harmonious disarray. It also served as a reminder that, while I keep my pack rat tendencies in check, clearly I still needed help. Why was I saving a videotape of "Elvis & Me"...???? (recorded off of the TELEVISION..when I was in Jr. high thankyouverymuch.) Especially when I had bought the DVD off of ebay 5 years ago? (Bad actor playing Elvis but good movie, even better book! But that's another post for another time).

So here I am, sitting under a ceiling with plastic over it, resting my feet on my carpet that has plastic over it as well with my daughter asleep in her little baby cot in our room, since her room has been skinned. I'm been hearing the hum and buzz of fans and humidifiers since this weekend.

I'm going to crack soon.

My homeowner's insurance adjuster is coming out today to check out the wreck that is our house. On a positive note, they could pay for everything and our house could end up looking better than ever! I mean, we did need some new carpet upstairs and we hated our popcorn ceiling and had been meaning to get that done as well.

So really, this is just God giving me exactly what I wanted right? Even though getting the floaty thing in the toilet to get stuck while we were out was a very creative way of delivering me my goods, I figured he was probably just bored this weekend. Wife was probably out of town for business, nothing on t.v., didn't feel like looking up random stuff on the internet and what not.

Yeah. That's probably what happened.

how was YOUR weekend??


kitty kat said...

Per your request, you've been reviewed at Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Tally Ho!

karaoke queen said...

Nothing like a little toilet water to make your day. At least you'll get some cool new renovations out of it!

Webmiztris said...

that sucks! fortunately I don't use the toilet floaties things and thanks to your story, I never will!!

karen said...

Our toilet got plugged after 3 people went the bathroom. Only when we plunged, more disgusting water came flowing over the toilet. The husband rented a snake and tried chemicals but to no avail. Finally he bought a longer snake and voila the toilet was unplugged. Cleanup was not fun though.