Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Not Samantha Brown....

I've decided that the title of this post is exactly what I'm going to name my new 'travel' show. Because after putting together my first show I was reminded of this sad fact again and again. I basically 'winged' it and had no idea as to what direction I was headed. I just knew that I had dinner with my main gay Joey in La Jolla and hey, I'll record that experience! Good nuff! (maybe those Australia folks weren't as dumb as I thought). Shortly after I started recording, I realized that yes, I'm not Samantha Brown and oh look it that! I don't have her camera crew either! Meaning, most of this show was done in the cloak of darkness or the semi-lightning that I got from the interior light of my car or Joey's flashlight app on his Iphone. It was so horrific that my movie maker froze up on me a billion times before I finished this as if to say, 'are you actually going to show this to people?!?' My movie maker knew it was shit and tried to rebel. But I had to put this together just to show you how horrible it is. You know how you taste something so horribly awful you can't help but turn to your friend and say, "omg, this is so gross! taste it!"

Yeah this is the same thing.

Honestly, I can't even explain the disaster that is my first show. You just have to see it to believe it. Please enjoy the opening credits because that's as good as it's going to get. My next show, I'm keeping it local, I'm going to explore Oceanside...DURING THE DAY! It'll be better. I promise!

Now ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats and witness a travel show you could probably buy at Big Lots in the reduced dollar bin basket.


Jean said...

Brilliant! Yes, I did watch the whole thing. Your show is more fascinating than you give yourself credit for. Your dinner did photograph well. I'm sorry to hear it was bland. Looking forward to your next episode!

Cynnie said...

okay..I wanna see the real world ..
I think the toney posh places get way too much attention ..
I want to see you at a big lots finding treasure :)
But I love your work girl ..
L O V E it !

Cynnie said...

oh, and you could do a entertainment on a budget series !..
and a real to have fun with change found in your couch cushions budget
not all we have is this measly 10K shit.

Anonymous said...

I will never watch that bitch's show!

I will watch yours when I get home.

Miss-Informed said...

I also watched the entire episode and might I add I did enjoy the informational map and things at the end. I will def. tune in next time!
It is quite pretty in the day.

booty said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!That face you made at the very end (recorded in sepia) was priceless. It was totally worth watching the whole thing for that face!!! Oh, and you really did capture the essence of what is La Jolla in the winter: overpriced restaurants, lame overpriced boutiques and old people. People don't go there til summer. Can't wait for the Oceanside episode!

Tug said...

LOL, I loved it! Lululemon is big in Canada eh. Next time, buy a flashlight to be truly Blair Witchy, and go to In N Out so that I may drool...