Monday, December 01, 2008

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and a heaping helping of beantown boys!

That picture is just some image I pulled up on google, but basically it's me about 15 or so years ago. Minus the Peggy Hill hair, and those mini-dildos she's holding...(what are those????)
OH and wtf with the Michael Jackson posters? Replace those with Michael J. Fox posters and then we'd really be in business.

Anyywaysss.....that picture took longer to explain that I wanted.

A long long time ago, my little midget ass got bamboozled by five boys from bean town. I was one of the many tween minions who would go to Spencer's Gifts at the mall and clean them the fuck out of NKOTB buttons that were the size of plates. And god forbid if another girl was there trying to hoard all the Donnie buttons because she would get the back of her head clubbed by a 4'8 hormonal tyrant. (ahem). And yes, I'll give you a moment to chuckle at the fact that I'm the exact same height now as I was in sixth grade.

You all right now? Have you wiped off your tears of hilarity? Okay, moving right along.

NKOTB represent the days where the only worry I had in my little head was if I could get my mom and dad to buy me a Big Bopper AND a Tiger Beat magazine the next time we went to Vons. My daddy even got me tickets to their Magic Summer concert, (thanks Daddy!) although my seat was so far up they appeared to be the same size as they were on my button. Regardless, I never forgot that day and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would EVER go to a New Kids On The Block concert EVER EVER again. Especially in my thirties (EARLY thirties....emphasis on EARLY). So imagine my utter glee when they announced a comeback. I thought I was going to be the only jack ass excited over this, but judging from their recent success, I'm not the only jack ass holding on to their t-shirts and buttons.....and a flag, and some comic books, and a hardcover coffee table book, and ...well you get the picture, if not a clear visual of why my garage is cluttered.

So this past week, I was reunited with my boyfriends again and I had a fellow NKOTB jackass with me! (Hi Jenessa!). We got there with no tickets and were informed within a couple minutes of getting to the Nokia theater that they were sold out but there was a 'small chance' they might sell some leftover crap tickets later. Long story short, they did offer crap tickets...we said no and waited. (I have Madonna concert experience remember?)...they offered us less crappy tickets... we said no...and waited, and waited...until...

"Hey girls, would you like two tickets in the fifth row at the pit?"

SOLD!!!!! And for a night, two stay at home moms were 12 years old again....

Here's our magical night with our long lost boyfriends!


Immoral Matriarch said...

I am the only woman in the world that wasn't a fan, I guess.

Joseph said...

My sweet VIP ticket buying Padawaan. You're mad skillz are without reproach, and your Jedi training is now complete. Go forth and bring balance to the Universe.

Tug said...

Yes...NKOTB. After moving my 10 year old daughter from small town MT where her grandparents & everyone she knew from birth were to Vegas baby! with my brother & his new wife & RULES existed...I took her to this concert (her first). I was, once again, a cool mom.

Yes, I'm old, thanks for asking. ;-)

Yo Momma said...

Immoral: oh no, there are probably a ton of people who rolled their eyes at our sad 30 year old asses that night.

Joey: I owe it all to you o' Jedi Master.

Tug: oh tug, you're not old. I was the sorry ass trying to relive my teeny bopper days a week ago. I'm not only old, but I'm sad as well. LOL!

Lizzle said...

I am pretty sure that my sister is in that boat with you.

Unfortunately, I am not joining you.

Unfortunate for whom, I will not say.

But I'm glad you had a good time!

Cynnie said...

aww good times ..

I've only been to one concert in my intire life ..and it was aerosmith ..bleah..
free tickets and all

and it looks like I'm gonna get tix to see celine dion ( :-/ ) but I'm only going cause my cousin is her personal physician ..its sort of a family obligation ..( free tickets again..)
damn..why couldnt he be the gipsy kings' dr ?

Bluestreak said...

I loved NKOTB when I was in 6th grade. By the time I was in 7th grade though, I was already way too cool for that.