Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sore Throats, Soiled Panties, And Joyful Howling. It's just another night at a Madonna concert.

Joey caught me worshiping.

A night that cannot be explained. Obama is the President of the United States and everyone in the place was so happy, including Madonna who forgot the words to Ray of Light and then screamed 'It's because I'm so FUCKING happy right now you guys!!" The energy was incredible, amazing, awesome.

I made a mini-movie of our Journey to Madonna and scoring the most incredible seats ever on the most incredible day ever! Seriously.

EDIT: the video below has been on and off working, so if it doesn't work, click here
Or try the link below: (one of them SHOULD work)

Journey 2 Madonna


Tug said...

OK, why is your video not available?


Yo Momma said...

oh wtf??? it's not working??? I have no idea tug. I'll try to repost.

Tug said...

Nope. I click play, it says "This video is currently not available. Please try again later."

It's later.

It's still not working.


Yo Momma said...

tug it's 11:00 pm. it's working now...give it a shot.

J. said...

Same here ... same message as Tug.
I'm sad now.

Yo Momma said...

I posted the link to the video. let me know if that work...

Tug said...

I got it through the link, & OMG you & Joey are awesome. I want to pack & move tonight & be your new friend. (OK, I won't - no need to get a restraining order)


Tug said...

P.S. She totally looked straight at you with her fuckme eyes when you screamed her name...she WANTS you!

Cynnie said...

I'm so super jealous ..
I want to be on the tight budget you're on !

Yo Momma said...

tug: come on down! :)

cynnie: thankfully i bought the madonna tickets a couple months back when my account was still in the positive. priorities. you know how it!