Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snots so hot.

First thing's first...if you made it through my whole Madonna video (13 minutes which in our ADD world translates into 13 hours) then congrats and thank you for sharing the moments with me. (Tug and J powered through many links just to see it. :) I'm sorry it was so long but I made that movie for Joey and I - so we can relive every moment. And come on!! How close was I??!?!? I think I went through about five pairs of pants I was so excited. So what's my next Madonna goal people? Dinner you say? Dinner with Madonna is next! Even if it means she's eating dinner at the Ivy and I'm in a nearby bush somewhere nibbling on a stale bread stick. That still counts!

But I'm somewhat sane again, coming off my Madonna high. The withdrawals weren't that bad because really, I don't think I could have had better seat than the seat I had in San Diego. Especially in L.A. where most of those seats were probably already taken by celebrities. I don't regret missing Britney (who walked on stage in a pant suit and then walked off? Um. Yay?) and I already seen Justin and his neck hair in NYC (when your adam's apple is furry, it's time to bust out the Bic shaver yo.) so no big whoop and I certainly don't regret waiting for hours to get out of Dodger stadium. Oh and that whole 'no money' thing also factored into my decision.

Okay, besides telling you the new location for my Madonna stalker blog, mums the word on Madonna for a while. I'm sure you're all sick of it.

A quick blurb on political stuff...
While I'm extremely pleased that Obama has been elected as our new President (amazing) BOO on California for voting yes on Prop H8TE. I would like to say I was shocked, but actually I wasn't. Yes On Prop h8te's propaganda was aimed at scaring parents into thinking that the school would teach our children about gay marriage (oooh. teaching tolerance. no, we can't have any of that.) And the endless signs of YES ON H8TE that practically started from my front door and were spread like a disease all over town. I just had a feeling it would sway people who were undecided. Prop 8 passing hits me especially hard, not only because I have such wonderful gay friends, and a wonderful gay cousin that this prop discriminates against, but also because it wasn't too long ago that marrying outside your race was looked upon in the same light. Had I been born in an earlier era, this would have been my fight. I can't imagine someone telling me that it's wrong or that we can't get married simply because we're not of the same race. I hope in a couple years, (sooner rather than later I hope) not allowing gays to marry will sound just as ridiculous.
In the end, it's about two people who love each other, who decide as adults that they want to build a life together and to have the same rights as other individuals who make the same decision.
It's as simple as that.

And if you don't agree, I respect your opinion; however I'm not stating my opinion on Prop h8te to ignite a debate on my blog. So save the comments against because I love to use my blog admin powers and delete shit. (I'll take a power trip anyway I get it.) And truth be told, my blog is kind of a diva and arguments hurt her ears.

In other lighter, snottier news..

I'm sick ladies and germs... Just as November rolls around and I got all into the groove on my running, I get sick! (and trust me, me and RUNNING in the same sentence is a big thing. My old rule on running was 'only when chased' - but my ever growing buddha belly has caused me to break that rule and ignore my burning shins.) Hopefully knocking myself out with Nyquil will cure me of my 10 pound, snot filled nose and achy breaky body and I can get back into my runner's high. I guess this kind of high isn't achieved by funny brownies but by putting your body over your threshold of pain that it releases endorphins to make you forget about it. And I'm doing this voluntarily?

Yay. Fun. :/

I'll be more interesting next post - I gotta go my Nyquil high on.


Joseph said...

May choirs of warm chicken soup sing thee to thy Nyquil induced coma, girl.

Cynnie said...

oh girl ,
I come from many generations of hillbilly root doctors..

chop an onion, and add sugar to it let it sit over night .
then drink the juice that collects.

If you have a cough , a spoonful of whisky..
Big ass serving spoon btw.

I would kill to see Madonna ..
even if i had to stare at JTs hairy neck.

Tug said...

The prop 8 thing surprised me, seriously. Why can't people realize that love is love, and THAT should be the only thing deciding a marriage?

Immoral Matriarch said...


Feel better soon love!

BOF said...

A red Blog! Great looking Blog.

Funny content too.

Bluestreak said...

yeah, our country can´t really do anything that isn´t totally ironic.

Feel better, yo mamma.