Friday, October 10, 2008

Meet & Greet The Voices In My Head. FUN!

I can eat again! OH JOY! And in my joy of being able to eat solid foods again and having a bowel movement that doesn't look like swamp.....(I'll stop) ....., I put together a vlog just for you fine people this wonderful Food Filled Friday!!!

In this episode, you have the treat of meeting just one of the many voices/personalities in my head. She's quite a charmer. See for yourself!


Joseph said...

Out of control, bitch! Now you be editing the multiple personalities to accommodate their illness. Soon you'll have little ILM shamrocks flying out her arse in THX sound.

My Question: How does Ms. Cleo feel about Elaine going to worship her true Lord and Messiah Madonna in 25 days?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how Ms. Cleo feels about the things that would happen if Elaine were to get away with Mrs. Ritchie and Angelina Jolie for a drunken girls' weekend.

Tug said...

I love Karma however-you-spell-cameeeelian. Great song for you and your personalities to end with.

Off to find me some danglers, have an awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...
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.::.ashley.::. said...

I want to ask little Irish Ann who the hell feels it necessary to leave long, ridiculous, completely unrelated comments like the one above?

No one is going to read that. Sheesh.

Oh, and, is there a cure for Napolean complex?

Yo Momma said...

holy eff balls. thanks ashley for noting that ridiculous bible length comment. How did that crazed idiot stumble upon my blog??
It's probably Xenu.

Franki said...

i freaking yuv you.


now you've made me gaysian.

Melly said...

HA!! You smell of the devils bowel movements.

LMFAO with a little bit of prickly. Holy eff, I'm dying.