Thursday, August 21, 2008

American (Psycho) Dolls - Buy One Today..if you DARE!! bwahahaha....

Pop Quiz: Please circle what you believe to be true about the dolls pictured on this post.

A. Provided as an educational tool for children.

B. Overpriced piece of plastic masked as a "one of a kind" doll that you just can't find anywhere! that will still most likely end up being spit up on and banished to the bottom of the toy bin along with toys from McDonald's and some stale Cheerios.

C. Will end up sitting on top of your chest, holding a knife to your neck at 2:00 am with a curious grin on it's face that you could have sworn wasn't there when you first bought it.


Sociopath Sally, Doll with razor sharp ice skates, product number A54 - $85.00.
Sociopath Sally dreams of becoming a figure skater. But with loud voices in her head that constantly scream at her, she's less likely to slice a figure 8 into the ice and more likely to slice your head right off. When Sociopath Sally finally finds the courage to pursue her passion for figure skating, she learns what it takes to be her best, as well as how to threaten and stalk the judges and their families so that her scores at every competition are guaranteed to make her the winner everytime! Oh Sociopath Sally, you're such a scamp!


Bluestreak said...

dolls are freaky. especially ones with things that could be used as a weapon.

CarBoy Films said...

I am afraid of tiny hands, child or otherwise.


Vamp said...

Found you while surfing, have to add, have you seen The Bird's Barbie Pretty fun stuff.

SHADOW said...

Why does the last one look like Chucky's sister?

I'll pass.

Thanks for the nightmares!