Thursday, July 17, 2008

Music To Soothe the Savage Midget Beast

I miss Karen Carpenter. I know it's random but seriously, what singer nowadays can just open their mouths and have sweetness emit from their soul? Effortless singing. No big lungs, long intros and finger wagging. Karen just killed it by standing there in a fierce yellow dress. Yes, I am fully aware that I love cheesy top 40 music - especially from the 70s. You go on and listen to The Who and feel good about your refined music tastes, I'm more of an Abba nut myself.

Sorry, this post is more for me than you. I've been fighting with a damn computer virus that infected my work laptop over the weekend and I need a little of The Carpenters to keep me from killing someone with a blunt instrument right now.


wallycrawler said...

Me thinks you should change to a "Mac".

You wouldn't have'ta resort to da dam "Carpenters", to sooth your ache'n head!

And I wouldn't have throw mine across the room when it pop'd up!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I miss her a little, too.

Tug said...

Are we sisters? Does your daddy know my momma?

Tasty said...

buy an iphone. let some other sucker pay 4 hi-speed!