Thursday, December 27, 2007

You Ever Get That Not So Fresh Feeling?

Come back for my last 2007 blog post! I'm off work all this week so excuse me if I've been in my pajamas for the third day straight and I'm way too busy playing with the munchkin's new toys to put together a decent end of the year blog post.

But I will...I swear...I just needs some help getting up off my ass before January 1st comes sneaking up on me.

Meanwhile, go to Mommy Dearest for some new wire hanger beat downs.

1 comment:

jali said...

Your family is gorgeous!

I wish you days and days of playing with toys - I wish I had a little one close by so that I'd have new toys to play with too.

I follow instructions so I'm going to Mommy Dearest now.