Saturday, December 22, 2007


(click on picture to get a larger view...but make sure to brace yourself.)

Please don't hate on viking hubby's candy cane guns.
Please don't hate on the fabulousness of the midget coming out of that gift bag!
Please don't hate on the munchkin's super groovy, velvety Disney Princess tracksuit!
(Thanks San! She loves it!)
But most of all.......
Please don't hate on my Photoshop skillzzzzzz!!!

Have a good one ya'll.


SHADOW said...


Merry Christmas Midget!

Lizzle said...

Merry Christmas Elaine, Munchkin, and Viking Hubby!

Hope your holiday is totally rockin!

Caroline said...

OMG. Do NOT, repeat, NOT let India catch a glimpse of said tracksuit... she will explode with jealousy!!!