Monday, March 05, 2007

I just couldn't resist...

Part two of my pictorial extravangaza will be posted soon! Meanwhile, here's the cure for your Monday morning blahs. No seriously, this is like the cutest thing ever, I just couldn't resist:

Such emotion! I have no idea what language that little girl is singing in, but being cute as hell is a pretty universal language!


J. said...

OMG that's way toooo cute.
The face!!!

SHADOW said...

Ha! I remember that. I'm a sucker for cute kids, and this one is just as good too!

Anonymous said...

even that bitch simon cowell would unbend for this one. he wouldn't be able to help himself; he'd insist on giving her the trophy on day 1.

keep training her up--she has a bright future as one of my backup singers. free lifetime concert tickets for you!