Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Uninspired, Not Funny Post ..just so I don't see Fan Letter Friday looking me in the face on a Wednesday.

T.V. musings:

Is it football season or something? I wouldn't know. It just seems like everyone is talking football. I'm not into team sports much, sometimes a little basketball but that's only because I grew up with it. The only sport I LOVE LOVE to watch is boxing, ultimate fighting and prize fighting...and sometimes, if I catch it on T.V. I love to watch da freaks on Strongest Man Competitions. Now they have a reality show on Spike TV called Ultimate Fighter. This season it focuses on ex-ultimate fighters looking to make a comeback. I try to convince myself that I'm thoroughly interested in the art of fighting, martial arts, the different techniques of submission and seeing a good ol' knock out punch squaw in the jaw... but I have to admit...the buffet of abs, biceps and manly men working out is somewhat of a draw too. My main man Matt Serra won his fight this week and made it to the finals. Woot woot.

hmmm...no one cares? Okay. Moving along...

How have I gone on this long without watching The Office?!?!?! Little did I know that I was living a life of drudgery before I discovered this show. The employees of Dunder Mifflin all bare a strong resemblance to those I've worked with in the past. I think I'm the guy who got all excited about Hot Pretzel day. Now I gotta go get the past seasons to catch up.

There's also another show called Friday Night Lights, which I had intended on watching since I loved the book. But whoever cast the show sucked balls. I was looking forward to a show with cornfed white boys on the field playin' some good ol' Texas football and engaging in some H.S. drama. Instead the brilliant casting agents called the William Morris agency and cast a bunch of Los Angeles actors (waiters) who get their manicures and highlights done every week to play midwestern football players. I don't care how good the show is going to be, it's just not believable when the main character's hair has a Vidal Sassoon sheen that cascades to his shoulders. WTF? Where's the quarterback with the wonky eye, zits, a buzz cut and a Skoal ring around the pocket of his jeans????

Tyra Banks is annoying me. How can you possibly keep that robot who's been at the bottom two THREE TIMES and throw out my girl A.J.?!?!?!? Go Caridee!!

Current Events:

Halloween is coming up. I think I might be a geisha. But for the keener eye, you'll know that I'm really Madonna from the video Nothing Really Matters. But that won't stop me from saying "Me Love You LOOONG time" and replacing "Treat" in Trick or Treat with "Happy Ending" when I go knocking on doors. What? Isn't that what Geisha's say?


My favorite Halloween candy are those mini Kit Kats. I don't even buy regular Kit Kats until Halloween when they come in those handy dandy fun size packs. That way I pop three Kit Kats in my mouth and pretend I'm a giant.
Actually I pretend to be a giant with any bite sized Halloween candy....

......okay so really I try to pretend I'm a giant whenever possible, my daughter is going to outgrow me in about a month so the fun is about to end.....

For Halloween, I buy chocolate for me and candy corn for everyone else. When I run out of chocolate, the candy corn is automatically mine and everyone else pretty much suffers.

Fried Coke??? yeah. I'll have one.

I love Orange Chicken

I hate curry.

My husband and I fight over the last piece of Papa John's Sweet Treat. There's a cinnamon and sugar pizza deal they have that's worth throwin' down with a hillbilly.

Scheriously Random with a lil' Madonna sprinkled in:

I recently read Memory Keeper's Daughter and realized what a ginormous chick I was when I was crying through about half of it. I think the pages are stuck together with snot. Sap.

My nails are getting long because I can't find the nailcutter.

I'm convinced my laundry is fertile and is indeed giving birth to more laundry.

I'm blogging to avoid work.

My daughter came up to me the other day and whispered: "Express yourself, Don't repress yourself." Quite clearly as a matter a fact. She's not even three yet and here she is spoutin' Madonna-isms to her mom. I think she might be watching Madonna videos a tad too much. (She ASKS to watch them people...I have nothing to do with it whatsoever...okay, so maybe I did in the beginning but now its all her....)

And finally, I kind of wanna hang out with Wierd Al Yankovic one day and have a jam session with our accordions.

Wierd Al Interviews Madonna- HILARIOUS:


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I LOVE the World's Strongest Man competitions. I watch them whenever they're on.

You can find all the clips on YouTube.

Peg said...

I want fried coke...must have fried sticky, gooey coke...

our fair is in town this week and it has seriously taken steel chains to keep me away from the fried yummies...

yeah I am so going to be the worlds fattest blogger before this week is over.

Friday night lights is seriously unbelievable. I can't get past how pretty everyone is myself. It takes alot to turn me off of a drama show, but that one just isn't hooking me in like I wanted it too.

Softball Slut said...

I cant believe your daughter is already turning out to be that great. That quote is awesome. Fried Coke sounds like a heartattack.

Kim said...

I need to meet this daughter of yours the next time I am in San Diego. If she's anything like her mother, which she quite obviously is, I am sure I'll get a kick out of her!

Dark Damian said...

I had fried coke on Saturday, E. Let me tell you - it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

Maybe you and Weird Al can bring your battling accordians to UFC fighting. You guys can be the between round entertainment. Who needs tall anglo looking girls dressed in bikinis and high-heels holding "round 2" signs, when we can have a hot philipino chick rocking the accordian to "like a virgin."

This idea is gold.

karaoke queen said...

Mmmmmmm, fried stuff. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Riss said...

You're nuts, Friday Night Lights is cast perfectly!! You know people in Texas like to brush their hair.

I'm on the Caridee wagon too, though she's been hooching it up a bit lately. Dude, what are you doing in a bikini and cowboy hat on your hands and knees on the counter, listening to Tyra Mail.