Friday, September 29, 2006

Fan Letter FUck It!

Not tonight honey, I have a headache.

I shant be doing a FLF today for I had a long week even though I KNOW you don't care, as it is ALWAYS all about YOU isn't it?!?!?
YOU !!!

What about me?
What about MY needs?
My dreams? MY hopes?

When can you understand that I am a PERSON and not a THING!!???

Sometimes I don't want to love you anymore!!!!!

(running away in despair as the five FLF blog readers I have (addicts) mentally throw feces at me)

It'll be better next Friday.


Now send me some ice cream and Vicodin.


Laurie said... won't hear me complaining.

I know how it is to feel like you HAVE to blog something.

Fuck that.

Have a great weekend!!

karaoke queen said...

Valium is better darling. Here you go!

Don't worry, I won't hold it against you....forever.....just for a few

Take it easy girl. This blog is about you!

Elaine said...

laurie: thanks gurl. I think aunt la flow flow is a comin' and I have a feeling the storm ain't gonna be good.

karaokequeen: Valium and rocky road ice cream? Sounds like a winning combo to me!!

Madonna said...

Don't worry, no feces coming from me... Hopefully you're feeling better next week.

Ice cream and Vicodin? Interesting. Maybe we can get Ben & Jerry to combine the two... What would they name that?!

Kim said...

Thanks a lot. You just ruined my Friday. Rot in hell, bitch.


Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

Softball Slut said...

ok so now I feel all guilty cause I love and worship yo.. waiiitt I mean cause I uh hum cough really like your site. And sometimes I just need to see celebrities made fun, and it that just too much to ask *whine*


I hope you feel better. Chocolate and beer. Beer relaxes your muscles. Word

Miss-Informed said...

I will anxiously await next week...well, oops I mean a few days. Yippee!