Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why yes... I AM indeed a Jackass.

I haven't given up on harrassing Oprah about my well deserved date with Madonna.
So I've dedicated an entire blog to my obsession.

I know.

I'm scaring myself a little too.

(Just smile, nod play along...and promise you won't report me to the authorities)

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(this is the stalker shirt I wore to all her concerts this year...it stinks a little)


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You should first consider where those lips have been.

Sandra Bernhardt's cooter, for example.

Elaine said...

OH Lbb. Why did you have to take a giant dump on my dream like that?
I was trying to forget the Bernhardt years...and the Rodman years.. and those years she wore the gold tooth. Dark days for Madonna fans indeed.

Softball Slut said...

Cant you wash it somehow? You dont have to dry it, but at least take a shower with it on or something?

Remember Madonna doesnt like sweaty stinky girls anymore.

Elaine said...

softball slut: oh come one, she'll love it because it stinks of my unhealthy love for her!

yeah..you're right...
I'll wash it.

Softball Slut said...

I am sure Madonna and all of the people around you at the concert appreciates you bathing. I am just saying

J. said...

You freak.
(said with love and bullshit)

And what the hell did you do to your banner??? How come it's so teeny?
You oughta know, when I screw around with people's pages, I OWN them after. All changes must be put through the master first.

Some Random Girl said...

First I thought Ritchie sambora...then I thought Lionel....and now I realize what the fuck you're talking about! LOL.

jali said...

I always thought Ritchie Sambora was pretty hot (for a heroin user- looking skinny white dude).

I get distracted after reading the comments...

How many times have you seen Desperately Seeking Susan? Just asking...

BTW - the word verification game is getting harder and harder.

Elaine said...

softball slut: Nah, all Madonna fans reek of anxiety, unhealthy love, and a dash of crazy. If you spent $350.00 a ticket like I did for each concert, you also smell of "broke-ass" sweat.

J: girl I didn't do anything to my banner since you've fiddled with it? It looks the same from my eed.
and yeah, girl, i KNOW I'm a freak.

Somerandomgirl: yeah, at first I was like, ewww, I hope they don't think I mean Nicole Ritchie. But she's not a Mrs. so ...and oh god, I don't know what's worse Nicole Ritchie or Sambora?

Jali: I've seen DSS so much that if i actually put the number on here, for sure I would have the authorities, (plus a rep from the local mental ward) at my doorstep in seconds!

Yeah, sorry about the word verif. I was getting so many spam comments I had to put it on there. You know the ones! "Hey friend! Great blog you got here! Top notch! check out my blog at www.putinyourpinnumbersoicangetyourmoney.com

Miss-Informed said...

Hey, instead of seeing Oprah maybe we should all gang up and get you on the Dr. Phil show...just a thought. He may be able to help you so don't wash that shirt. It is evidence of the obsession.

Madonna said...

You know how much I love the shirt. That shirt rules!

Besides, had I not mentioned The Shirt on my blog, we would've never encountered each other online... :P

That being said, the shirt probably could use a bath... Unless, of course, any of that sweat in Genuine Madonna Sweat, at which point it should be vacuum-sealed and protected from the elements forever!