Monday, August 28, 2006

Procrasta-post . Let's see if I can bore you to death with my daily grind...

Besides watching Maddy and working, the rest of my day consists of making lists in my head of what I am going to do when Maddy naps for two hours. The list is made up of various errands that needed tending to weeks ago (laundry) and other errands that my mind will throw in there (hammering up some drywall, building that theatre we've always wanted) because I'm so ambitious when I'm making up lists in my head.

Then 1:30 rolls around. Maddy is napping. And what am I doing?

Taking a dump on my mental list and blogging, that's what.

My inner monologue goes something like this:

"okay, lemme gather up the laundry now that she's sleeping and...oh wait.. the bedroom door is closed. Hmmm, shall I walk ALL THE WAY over there and open it to get the laundry? I mean, what if the door opening wakes her up? (right) or maybe I should just do the laundry tonight? Yeah, Laundry. Tonight. Sounds like a plan.
Okay, so that gives me time to do the dishes...hmmm, waitaminute! you can't even see the dishes from where I'm standing! To a regular bystander, it looks as if there is no dishes to be washed! I'll just wash it when the hubby gets home. Okay, well then I should mop the floor because its lookin' a little rough. Hmmmmm. Let's see here..lookit that, its not as bad as I thought! I'll just do a quick sweep and it should be good for another couple days or so. Hmm what about that drywall? The built-in theatre? Shit! Its Monday. Don't over-exert yourself."

But now I'm feeling horribly guilty about the dirty dishes (I can see a dirty knife from where I'm sitting, glaring at me with contempt), the laundry which overfloweth in my bedroom behind the closed door and my floor, which, to be quite honest is starting to look like a dirty sidewalk in Yemen.

So I'm going to be a grown-up now and go do some shit. (nap) So I'll finish this later.


SOOOOO, its later annnddd... I ended up practicing on my accordion and getting sucked into My procrastination certainly knows no bounds.

So here I am, doing a load of laundry right now, I did a quick sweep and spot clean on the floor, so now its starting to look more like a sidewalk in Zambia, (which we all know is like Beverly Hills compared to Yemen) and the dishes...well let's just say that knife is still glaring at me.

Tomorrow I swear.
I'm gonna be a cleanin' machine.

This is by far the dullest blog post I ever did write.

"it's just another manic Monday...oooh whoo-whoa.."

(sigh) I miss The Bangles.....


Softball Slut said...

You sound like what I go through every day when I have it off. I need to clean but today is my day off and I am so tired. I will do it tomorrow. I have a mound of clothes in my room that looks like Katrina blew in. Ohhh low blow

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I miss them too.

hotdrwife said...

Wow. Sounds like most of my days here at the house!

PS love the Bangles.

jali said...

I have 2 more days before I must do laundry - how do I know? I have 2 pair of clean underwear left.

I clean stuff to get stuff - if I want "A" to come straight home after work, I make a deal with the vacuum gods that after I'm done he'll make it home. If I want a surprise I make a deal with the dishes gods - sometimes it actually works.

Oh - my mom is from Negros Occidental - she spoke Basian (can't spell it)instead of Tagalog. She was 1/2 'pina and 1/2 AA. I got the whiney, tearful part of my Asian heritage. Yay!

Miss-Informed said...

Just another manic Monday...I LOVE the Bangles! I was eight years old when I saved up my allowance and bought my very first tape(The Bangles) and it just so happened I was walkin' like an egyptian for months! I have it somewhere.

***Oh, yeah I feel the same way about cleaning...