Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lots of People Were Doing The Nasty....

...around June or July about 27 sum odd years ago because I have THREE friends with birthdays this month!!!! So here's my quick blurb on who they are, how we met and why they're cooler than shit.

(disclaimer: if you're a March baby and my friend and somehow I neglected to mention you on this post, then you should go to myspace and sign in your birthday. Seriously, that is the ONLY WAY I remember birthdays. Judy has been my best friend since the SECOND GRADE and I just started remembering her birthday without struggle about five years ago.)

(Pic:Judy and some Cambodian refugee..oh wait that's me..)


In second grade, I lived across the street from her when I first moved to "The Heights"

Most Memorable moments:

- making mud pies with dirt sprinkles
- treasure hunts and 'Smurf" hunts in her backyard
- going to prom together with our 'dates'. Her with A-hole number one and me with Victim number one.
- Passing out at her own wine and cheese party. A hostess with the mostess I must say....
- Our conversation about "getting pregnant"
(age 8-ish): me: "I don't wanna get pregnant."
Judy: "You don't have a choice, you're a girl. Girls just get pregnant."
me: "How do you get pregnant?"
Judy: "It just happens because you're a girl. I think when you're like thirty or something..."

(Pic: 12 year old Shannon, making long distance calls at my house...)


Met: In third or fourth grade (?) . I don't remember exactly.

Most Memorable Moment:
- Shannon had THE first boy/girl party. (she was quite a revolutionary)
- Dying her hair with kool aid and accidentally buying the wrong pack with the sugar already in it. Oops.
- Giving her her first "guy" poster for her birthday in 6th. Grade. I think her dad still has a hit man out on me for that one. (Seriously, what was wrong with me??)
- Sneaking in to see "Pretty Woman." I think we bought tickets to "Joe Vs. The Volcano." Yeah. Now you see why we chose Pretty Woman instead.
- Shannon and Laura as "Overboard" (their band name) singing "Like A Prayer" to the kindergarden kids during recess. We held "concerts" every lunch and I was their manager. Yeah, that's right. I was an early P-diddy in the making.

(pic: Brandie and me..oh wait, that's her dog Bailey)

Met: college, I dragged her to her first Tijuana club.
Most Memorable Moment:
- Let her borrow my shirt when we went clubbin' down in TJ. Next thing you know, girlfriend had it in her back pocket after three drinks! I asked her why she took off her shirt and was dancing around in her bra. Her answer?
"I got hot."
Ask a stupid question.....
- Going on so many "mini vacations" trips! She's the bestest vacation buddy ever! Our list includes, Catalina Island, San Luis Obispo, Palm Springs, Rosarito, MX., Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas, Dallas, TX.
- Going for a "little drink" at the hotel bar at Rosarito and being "escorted" back to our room after our "little drink" turned into 5 shots of tequila... each. The next day we woke up with killer headaches and our clothes strewn about in wierd places. THEN we had to ride back in my bumpy Jeep on a dirt road. Good times.. good times......
- Meeting up with each other after being out of touch for four years and picking up where we left off with complete and total ease. She's my Italian connection.

I love all you hot mommas!

Now bend over get a ready for your spankins.....


popfizz said...


I am currently wearing the exact same outfit your friend Shannon has on in that pic.

Small world indeed.

Shannon Bieger said...

LOL I do remember that a metro snuck into my closet one night and stole that fancy outfit of mine. Are those COOLOTS I'm wearing? Damn, I was hot. My favorite are the bangs that start midway on my head. Sweet.

And for the record, we met in the 4th grade. My first day of school at Blandford, Mrs. Sewell's class. ROFL and that Kool-Aid situation was bad.

Happy birthday to Judy and Brandie too!

Elaine said...

Shannon:Mrs SEWELL! RIGHT! That bitch was ALWAYS knocked up!!! I never saw her NOT pregnant.

Fizz: what are the odds of that?? I bet you're stylin' in it!

Riss said...

Happy birthday Shannon!! I am dying over that pic hee!

And happy birthday to the others too :)

Pop: Why do you come on these other blogs and pretend you wear clothes? You sit around watching hockey naked. That's how you roll.

Laurie said...

Fuck..I wish it were October so you could write sweet shit about me.

Oh .... wait...I just met your ass.

Carry on!

Kim said...

OMG. I love the picture of you and Judy!!!

And I, like Shannon, rocked the bangs that started midway on my head. I'll thank my mom for that. Growing those damn things out was a nightmare!

Happy Birthday ladies!

Julie Jewels said...

OMG! What a great birthday post!! I'm wishing I'd known you longer so you could do something fun for me in July. But then again, we've never even met so how much fun would that be? Uh, yeah so there's this girl I know via blogs and uh, yeah, it's her birthday..

Leilouta said...

I love the first picture and I had the same bangs for a year or two at about the same age.

I remember teachers teasing me and asking me if those big bangs of mine were hurting my eyes. I didn't understand why they didn't go to my mom and ask her all that.

I was a kid!

Judy said...

Thanks for the Bday Blog. That picture is hilarious! Can I even see through those bangs?

Oh...I remember "Overboard". They had quite a crowd. It must have been the choreography and song choice.

Happy birthday, chicas!

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

Bangs. We ALL sported those bangs but I top all ya'll...mine were CROOKED.

That's right.


Alyson said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE the bangs on Shannon! hahaha

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I like them all already!