Sunday, January 01, 2006

The New it really?

Well the NYE festivities went off without a hitch.. probably because Brad and I spent it at home. Our plan for appetizers and drinks went great but (as I suspected), we got kind of stuffed after the nachos and decided to nix the second appetizer (potato skins) and saved our appetite for the last appetizer on our menu "Sweet Smokies." It's basically lil' smoky wieners wrapped in bacon and rolled in brown sugar, baked at 350 for 30 minutes. What a way to ring in the New Year!
Bacon? GOOD! Lil' Smoky Wiener? GOOD! Brown Sugar? GOOD! Smirnoff Ice drink (apple flavored)? G00000000D!
In fact, I was kind of glad I didn't have any immediate plans, it was that time of the month for me so I was as bloated as the Michelin man AND it started raining! If I had gotten all dressed up to go somewhere and it had started raining, I would have cancelled whatever I was doing anyways. Not only because getting dressed up and getting drenched isn't my recipe for a good time, but also for the fact that YOU KNOW everyone is getting blasted for NYE AND California people get into accidents if you spill a glass of water on the street. (I'm one of those Californians). So I think this was the perfect year to keep it close to home. And like the old lady that I am, I drank TWO Smirnoff Ices and was ready to throw in the towel.
We decided to skip out watching the New Year's Eve festivities on television too because it seemed like every channel I turned to had that metrogaysexual Ryan Seacrest (I'd rather not welcome in the new year with that reject). We opted to use our On Demand button for the very first time! (Taking risks was part of our New Year's resolution... )
Our "On Demand" button has never been touched. It's all shiny and brand new in comparison to all the other remote buttons that have been severely abused. It was a momentous moment for both of us. We ordered "Madagascar,"(and Maddy was already ASLEEP), laughed our drunk asses off and went to bed. We couldn't stay up til' midnight, we tried, but it got ridiculous after having a conversation and dozing off mid-sentence. So we wished each other a happy New Year and went to bed at a semi-reasonable hour. Can I have my cane and Ensure now?
2005 was quite an eventful year for us. We started it off by being bunch of nomads. We moved to Missouri at the end of 2004, got chased out by torch wielding villagers, moved back to California with my brother and finally, got our own place in late August that was close to the beach! This year was also the year for my very early mid-life crisis that came in the form of my faux hawk. (Don't worry. I'm over it and I'm currently growing my hair back. ) , my daughter turning two and so far, taking it easy on mommy and not living up to the "terrible" part associated with this age. About 90 percent of the time, she's just all about going to the beach, dancing, talking to the dog, the couch, her doll or anyone that will listen and of course, EATING. Who could ask for anything more? Two of my bestest friends also moved further away from me this year, (Debi - Missouri/Judy - Texas) but we still manage to keep in touch more than ever thank goodness, old friends we're rediscovered via my 10 year reunion and through Myspace (sad), my parents retired and moved so far away I can't even think about it without tearing up a bit, and finally, Brad and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. With all the moving around we've done, big life decisions we had to make, sometimes seeing a negative on our bank account this year, and so many other issues that would have fit nice and snug under the category of "irreconcilable differences," (Hollywood's favorite divorce of choice) we're happy to say we've have survived with only a few bumps and bruises. ( and I still think he's a hottie.)
All in all, 2005 was pretty great to us! So here's to you 2005! Farewell to thee!

Welcome 2006, may you bring winning lottery tickets, less stress, lots of vacations, good movies, good books, more get togethers with good friends and family, more kareoke-ing, Brad's new boat, my hot bod (which is just itching to get out), the success of "Polkadonna" and lots of good hearty, laugh til' you pee in your pants moments!



Shannon Bieger said...

LOL dozing off in midsentence! Oooh, those bacon things sound goooo-OOOOOD! Ok question - Sweet smokies or girl from the copy place?

Ha ha ha at Maddy talking to the couch. She's a funny girl.

Wow, 2005 was eventful for you guys!! I hope your 2006 is just fun and family for you guys!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Thanks for those warm sentiments. I'll take everything but the kareoke-ing.