Friday, December 09, 2005

Stuff I like, but won't readily admit to....

(note: I'm one sick woman.)

Sylvester Stallone - Not right NOW. But during the Rambo/Rocky days. yes, I know he steps on his face when he walks, I know he talks as if he recently got a lobotomy but damn it, he's so ugly he's hot! It's the whole "pug" dog effect. I can't tell you how many times I have watched and rewound the training session on Rocky IV over and over again. "Slice me a piecO' DAT!"

Hulk Hogan - yes. I admit it. He looks like a giant teddy bear to me. I'm sorry, I just love that burly thing okay, especially when it sports a fu man chu, a bandana and 24 inch' pythons. WHATCHA' GONNA DO BROTHAA!!!???

Guys who compete on the strongest man contest: Can you tell I like ridiculously huge men? I think some of the guys that compete on that contest are way hot. Sure I come up to their thigh and their forearm is about as big around as me. They'd probably step on me and scrape me off their shoe but DAMN, How YOU doooin???

Gaston: Yep. The bad guy from Beauty and The Beast. and yes, I realize he's a cartoon character. But Belle should've tapped that ass at least once and THEN moved on to finding "true love." I mean, the journey there is half the fun right?????!!

Joey Lawrence: I can just HEAR you laughing at me. shut up. When Joey Lawrence cut his hair I was like: WHOA! Total pretty boy, not my type but still, he's so nice to look at.
Stop that cackling RIGHT NOW. Don't make me come over.


The Legend Of Billie Jean:
I've posted this on Riss' blog when she had a list of her embarrassing movies that she likes. Honestly, this is the worst plot ever written in all of humankind. She cut all her hair off and butchered a wetsuit becoming the "Joan Of Arc" of Corpus Christie Texas. That's some good shiiiaat right there! FAIR IS FAIR!

Over The Top: An ARM WRESTLING movie. Okay. what?? Yeah. that description is the plot AND the joke. It's the "Rocky" of Arm Wrestling. Viva La Stallone. But lots of biceps and grunting. Rowr.

Alien Vs. Predator: Oh god, it HURT just writing THAT! I was forced to watch this movie because Brad is the KING of all "B" movies. (IE: he watches everything on the Sci Fi network.. crap movies like "Frankenfish?!?!?" Yeah. don't ask. ). But despite my complaints, halfway through the movie, I was sucked into it. "Wow, the Predator is teaming up with the human to fight their common enemy. The Alien. How touching."

G.I. Jane: Demi Moore was bad ass in this movie! I mean, the plot is so NOT believable. Sorry, I'm all about women's lib and what not, but a woman would not be able to handle the SEALS training. No way. If she did, she might be sporting a 7 inch clitoris, but I digress. Lil' bitty Demi Moore made me BELIEVE that hey, maybe a woman CAN be a SEAL. HOOO RA!!!


Ghost Whisperer:
Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it. That right there was reason enough to avoid the show. Is there bad acting?Yes. Especially this forced chemistry between her and her "husband," it's easier to believe they're brother and sister. Is there gratuitous use of Jennifer Love's Funbags? Yes. Those things just don't know how to keep still or stay inside an article of clothing. But seriously, those are Jennifer's money makers. How can she NOT shake it?
How many times have I sobbed like a baby at the end of every show? Almost all of them. Is it on my tivo schedule????? Yes. (head down, shameful pose).

Breaking Bonaduce: Hey! He said I had EVERY right to slow down and watch the car crash and that is precisely what I am doing!

America's Next Top Model: I'm not TOO ashamed to say this because I know a lot of people who watch this show as well. But I take it way too seriously. Brad CANNOT interrupt me while watching the show.. even though I TIVO it.... I have my set girls that I am rooting to win, I have my set girls that I cuss out during every show, I have my OWN analysis of how I think each girl did. I YELL at Tyra for being an idiot. It's like a man watching a football game. only different. But the same.

other confessions.....

I think I put a curse on my old skool crushes. First crush: Christopher Reeve. We all know what happened to my Superman. Second Crush: Michael J. Fox. We all know what he has now. My poor little man. Third Crush: New Kids On The Block. Now if they all fall down dead or come up with some little known disease with no cure, well then all I can say is, WATCH OUT Marky Mark! You're NEXT!!!!

I'm growing my hair back out despite loving my mohawk. I just realized the time I can pull this off is short and honestly, I also realized that I don't so much look like Naima from "Top Model" who inspired me to cut my hair, I look a lot more like Maddox.

If I watch a infomercial for more than 5 minutes, I am convinced that I need whatever product I'm watching. Come on. Who doesn't NEED FLOAM??? Tell me.
I didn't think so.

I thought it was really sweet when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch. I really didn't think this was such a big deal! I think I jumped on complete STRANGERS and howled with joy when I first met Brad, so jumping on the couch? Amateur!

There's more stuff that I won't readily admit to, but at this point, I better hold onto the friends that haven't stopped reading this midway and deleted me from their email list.


Shannon Bieger said...

You don't think Sly looks good NOW? Did you not see him on The Contender? He looked GOOD. He's like what, a hundred years old and hasn't aged a day?

LOL I really WAS laughing at you about Joey Lawrence. Still am.

Over the Top - Erick's brother is in that movie. His bro was an arm-wrestling champ of some kind. And a chess champ. Weird combo, I know.

LOL Erick likes that sci-fi B movie crap too. And he has to OWN them all. Because he thinks he'll actually watch Vampires: Los Muertos more than once?

I've caught an episode of Ghost Whisperer. It IS a good show. I can't get past her bad acting (yet I can get past the bad acting on Related?) but nonetheless....

Aw man! You and Erick both with that Breaking Bonaduce. He is just begging for attention. I want to kick him. Right in the danglers.

McKenna also wants floam. If she gets some floam, you can come over and play with it.

Elaine said...

Yes, I do think Sly looks good now but I was ruined when i saw a picture of him with his shirt off recently. He still looks good but of course, nothing can compare to his Rambo/Rocky days.

Erick's bro is in Over The Top. how cool! Erick has to tell me which one he was because I will probably know exactly who is talking about. (I've watched that show a billion times)

OMG. Vampires: Los Muertos. I had to sit through that one TOO! what did WE marry?!?!?! LOL!

I hate Danny Bonaduce too, but it's just interesting what crazy crap he'll pull to get his wife's attention. That poor woman. He's such a girl about things! whining all the time! Jeesh!

Riss said...

Oh come on, where is Antonio Banderas?????

Anyway, I feel you on the ANTM thing. I got into the show about a month and a half ago and it was a totally guilty pleasure I didn't admit to anyone who didn't actually catch me watching it.

candigirl said...

First thing that comes to mind when I here Slys name is a giant life size poster that my mom had hanging on the back of her bedroom door during his Rocky days. As a kid, I didn't understand why my mom had this, and I often wondered what my dad thought of the whole thing. Then 20 years later I found myself hanging a picture of Jude Law on my fridge. And everyday my husband would laugh at me asking if I ripped it out of my Bop magazine. Remember those!! Well I too feel the need to tell you my guilty pleasures...

Spongebob, I love patrick! and will watch it even if the kiddies went to bed.

The Surreal Life, I love to see all the has-beens acting like they are still "A" listers.

LoVe BonAduCE...I wonder if he watches his own show, so he can see his erratic behavior. That boy should write a book about child stars gone wrong. I feel bad for the man and but find him that wrong?

Reading all the trash magazines in the grocery store check out line. I feel the need to know the inside scoop on Nick & Jessica.

I am star struck, I admit it! and love going to the hot spots, just to see if I could catch a glimpse of someone famous and imagine myself striking up a conversation and becoming best pals with that person.

I have tons more, but don't want to bore you. love the blogs you make me laugh, and think of things that I normally don't take the time out to think about. But I do have a little note to add that got me thinking. The show Airline, its a reality show about these people who run into trouble with their travels, and its all based on Southwest Airlines. The whole show pretty much shows themselves (southwest) in a negative light..rude customer service, delayed flights, etc. Wouldn't you think that this show was bad for business. I will never fly them after seeing this show.

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