Sunday, December 04, 2005


p in the b: The expression "P in the B" comes from the online community It means Penis in the Butt and is a slang expression for anal sex.

Did that get your attention or what? See? you learn something new everyday. This little tidbit brought to you by: "Urban Dictionary," website. Don't ask me why I started my blog that way. It's late.

Here's what I want to know...
What the hell is a nougat?? Anyone? It's kind of scary that I will eat nougat with no hesitation and not even know what it's made of. The name is even kind of questionable. NOUGAT. NUUUGUT. It's like nutty but sticky but kind of has a marshmallow texture to it. I could very well be eating dryer lint and sugar mixed together, but I wouldn't know either way. Oh! And what are Circus Peanuts made of? and why oh why are they called "Circus Peanuts?" First of all, they taste nothing like peanuts, second, they have the same texture and feel as one of those stress ball squeeze things, third, why "CIRCUS" peanut? What's so "circus-y" about them? Are they like the "clowns" of the candy world? Do the other candies invite them over to parties because they're so kooky? That being said, I could eat bag after bag of Circus Peanuts without even blinking. God I love those things. Even though they very well could be little sugared clown turds. (hence the name "CIRCUS PEANUTS??" eh?? eh??, get it? No. really. I'm funny. )

Isn't it kind of annoying/embarassing when someone goes: "Hey, what do you want for xmas?" First of all, thanks for putting all that thought into my present you sentimental bastard. Second, I'm not 10, I don't have a list handy. I could be just as happy with a book for xmas, but you know what people REALLY want for xmas? Including me? Money.
Yup. Whatever gift you were thinking about getting that special someone, forget it. Just pony up the dough. We're all going to be broke after this month so money would be much appreciated. In small bills. Thank you.

I was talking to someone the other day and I happened to mention that at one point, I wanted to be a actress. (I KNOW, someone from California wants to be an ACTRESS?? be still my beating heart..) anyways, then I came to my senses. So this nameless person asks, "why did you want to be an actress?" I really had to think about that for a while. The fame? maybe. The money? Sure. The love of acting? Yeah, sure whatever. These things had "some" influence, but seriously, when I think about it. I wanted to play around with a sword. That's it and really that's why I wanted to be an actress. If I had been Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, I would have retired immediately afterwards! Because I would LOVE to swing around a sword and be really bad ass with it. However, you can't really do that in REAL life. You know, like when it's crowded at the mall and you want everyone to quit breathing their stanky breath in your face and move out of the way? How awesome would it be to just pull out a sword and start "Kill Bill-ing" away??? Complete with the "swoosh" slice noises and Green Day soundtrack playing in the background. Yeah. See? Only in the movies. Le' Sigh.

Nooooooooo!!! KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!!! (movie??)


Shannon Bieger said...

LOL Urban Dictionary is scary yet so informative.

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