Saturday, December 03, 2005

Changing a Woman's Life For the Holidays....

I know! Me get serious? Are you mad?!?! But just hear me out...

Christmas is coming and we all know those big wigs in the corporate department store world are getting major cha-ching after the holidays! They lure us in with their shiny new stuff, jolly atmosphere and “can’t be beat” sales. Not that I’m against that, in fact, you’ll probably bump into me as I make a grab for the last “Dora’s Talking Kitchen” for the little munchkin!

But, as you start your holiday shopping, take a look at this website too:

By purchasing one of their products, you are making a direct investment in a woman – and helping her rebuild her life, family and community.

*** More information on Women For Women Organization:

Women for Women is a legit organization that helps women from war torn countries get their life back. Most of these women are raped by the small militias that attack their town, tortured and in most cases, burn down their homes. One such woman was not only raped and tortured in front of her own son, but they crippled her and left her for dead in the woods. She now has no use of her right arm and her husband shunned her for being “dirty,” (because she was raped, most husbands in countries like Nigeria, shun their wives after such an event has occurred). Women for Women, help these victims get back on their feet, with direct financial aid from a sponsor helping them deal with the immediate effects of war and conflict such as lack of food, water, medicine and other necessities. We currently sponsor a woman in Nigeria named Modesta, who thankfully, salvaged her home but has to do small trade to provide her family with the most basic needs. She has a one son and one daughter. She currently does not make any money to support her family but with WFW sponsorship, she will receive basic job skills training to provide for herself and her family. We’re honored to be her sponsor and we’re so glad we can help another human being rebuild her life and her family. While continuing to receive sponsorship support, women participate in the Renewing Women’s Life Skills (ReneWLS) Program that provides them with rights awareness, leadership education and vocational and technical skills training. Women build upon existing skills and learn new ones in order to regain their strength, stability and stature on the path to becoming active citizens. One of the job skills training they receive is to make handcrafted items for their annual Christmas Virtual Bazaar.

So even if you can’t sponsor a woman, you can help their plight incredibly just by buying one of their items. We are SO lucky to be living in this incredible country, especially if you are a woman. There are so many others who aren’t as fortunate.

Thanks to everyone who took the time out to read this and understand!
Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!

….and now back to our regularly scheduled programming………..


Shannon Bieger said...

Check you out using your blog to change the world. ; )

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