Thursday, December 01, 2005

Numbers and their secret personalities....

I think I have only found one other person who puts a personality on numbers. (hello fellow nutcase Debi!)

I know.. a majority of you out there are like.. "HUH??"

I'm not even going to explain myself, I'm just going to jump right into it. Join me won't you???

ONE: female, attractive, very bitchy and standoffish. Has a secret crush on TWO.
TWO: male, very personable, charming, a total player, knows ONE has a crush on him and constantly teases and flirts with her.
THREE: male, a little on the chubby side, quiet guy, Good friends with TWO, kind of like TWO's wingman. Girls like talking to THREE but once they see TWO, he's out of the picture. Has a secret crush on ONE.
FOUR: older female, somewhat of a prude, shy but nice. She's rather plain looking but has that "girl next door" quality about her that other numbers find irresistable. Four kind of digs Five and Ten.
FIVE: Male, A lot like John Goodman. Totally a jolly fat guy and he LOVES Four. But then again, what number doesn't??
SIX: Female, Six is like porn star hot and she knows it. a bit of a tease and plays hard to get but everyone knows that you compliment her enough, she'll totally put out. Has a wierd crush on Five. She likes the "father figure" type that he is because she's never really had a dad. Six has issues OK??
SEVEN: Conservative, banker type, quiet and shady. Has a sick fascination for Six. Totally flirts with her like he's nice but really he just wants to dominate her and leave her begging for more because he HATES the fact that she puts off his advances. Seven is kind of a dick.
EIGHT: All around nice guy. Matt Lauer type. A good talker, educated and a good conversationalist. Has a thing for Nine AND Ten. Eight is as Bi as they come.
NINE: Has a thing for eight too but she thinks he doesn't like her because she's a bit overweight. She really isn't though. Her self image of herself is all wacked out. She's got issues too...
TEN: A burly guy. Quiet, unassuming, and totally the guy you want to be stuck in the forest with because he could make an awesome house with just a pocket knife and some fishing line. A handy man. Think the Brawny Paper Towel Guy. Has a crush on Four and Nine but too shy to tell either of them.

... so yeah...that's what I mean by giving my numbers personalities (and little LOVE triangles apparently!!).

I'm ready for my straight jacket now.


Debi said...

I swear we have some of the strangest things in common. These are my personalities:

1 - female, young, but very smart and straight to the point
2 - male, also young (you'll notice that age corresponds in general), kinda dumb, but innocent
3 - male, also young, a trouble maker
4 - female, surprisingly older than everyone except 10, very smart and has a real motherly quality, always trying to make sure the others don't fight and that everyone gets treated fairly. (this comes into play when 9 wants 36 for himself, but 6 x 6 is 36 and he can not have 36 for himself. 7, trying to impress 9 tries to convince him that 63 is even better than 36, so he should hook up with her. However, 4 tells him the truth that he really can have 36, and she will help him get it.)
5 - male, almost the same age as 4, smart, but dull (i.e. he can only produce numbers ending in 5 or 0)
6 - male, nice, likes to help people, the other numbers think that it's cool when he hooks up with other numbers and the outcome is either half the original followed by the original (i.e. 6 x 8 = 48) or it's two numbers that equal the original (i.e. 6 x 9 = 54 and 4 + 5 = 9)
7 - female, has a crush on 9, is kind of sneaky and always trying to trick people
8 - male, the tough guy, younger brother of 9, likes to make fun of 7
9 - male, oldest son of 10, very arrogant
10 - male, father figure, very kind and gentle
11 - female, mother figure, patches up the differences between 4 and 7

Okay, now mind you I was a very little kid when I was daydreaming all this up. I was probably drifting off in Math class, since it was about the most boring thing to me EVER! I should have become a soap opera writer or something. Why did my parents not commit me on the spot?!

Alyson said...

Hi Elaine! I doubt you remember me, but I'm Shannon's cousin. I just have to tell you, you're not alone! I gave numbers personalities, too. Weird. I know. Here are mine:

1- Really young boy.
2-1's mom. Kinda bitchy, but takes care of him.
3-1's dad. He's a deadbeat dad.
4- 3's crush. She won't give him the time of day.
5- 4's gay older sister.
6- 7's little brother. Sometime's manly, other times, gives into 7's bitchiness.
7- A bitchy lesbian, in love with 8. Hate's her brother 6.
8- Totally independent female. 10's best friend, but puts up with 9's b.s.
9- 10's ex wife. Bossy as hell. Takes away numbers from others. (This was what came to mind to help me remember that 9 plus another number is 1 less. Like 9 plus 8 is 17...1 and then 1 less than 8. Oh my GOSH I can't believe I passed any sort of math class whatsoever!)
10. Aloof and oldest, hottest, male. All the numbers give in to what he wants, but only because he's so charming.

Oh my gosh, that's so embarrassing. But I had to share with a kindred! haha

Elaine said...

Alyson, I remember you! I'm happy to hear that there is another nutcase like me out there! hahaha! Your numbers are very diverse, there's a gay guy AND a Lesbian!!! I only have one that's a bisexual (8). LOL! Thanks for sharing!