Friday, December 02, 2005

Bad Casting and other Hollywood mistakes..

I watched a preview of Superman again and I must say, the movie looks good, but the guy playing Superman (Brandon Routh) looks like a flaming gay machine with the Superman tights. Now mind you, the Superman outfit is about as manly as a flowery mini skirt, but there ARE guys that could pull it off. I think Christopher Reeve did it and even that talentless hack, Dean Cain, pulled it off very well. Brandon Routh just doesn't have enough men in his sac to pull off the multi-colored tights. Jake Gyllenhall would be a much better choice.. but I heard that during the auditions, he got so excited putting on the costume he left some uh..visible stains on it....who know Jake was into spandex?!?

Bad casting numero Deux: Elvis in "Walk The Line." Since when was Elvis the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz? That guy's face was so pointy you could pick the spinach out of my tooth with it! Thus far, Hollywood casting agents (IE: talentless ugly girls who failed at acting) have yet to find anybody that would be fit to play The King. Your best bet. Lisa Marie. Just cut the girl's hair off, lord knows she already has a penis.

Bad spinoff move. "Joey". Need I say more? Better spinoff move, "The Bings" with Chandler and Monica's married life. They were the best "Friends" anyways. Can that idea BE ANYMORE brilliant??

The ultimate bad casting choice. Jennifer "I'm always cold, therefore my nipples are always hard" Love Hewitt for Audrey Hepburn. What lesbian casting agent's face did she shake her boobs at to get THAT role? Yikes! I was voting for Natalie Portman on that role but does she even have boobs?? I think she just has nipples on top of her rib cage no?

Creepiest movie but I'm dying to see? Brokeback Mountain or something like that. It's basically Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall in hot sweaty gay cowboy love. I'm pretty sure they don't even take off their chaps and spurrs when they get to some rubbin! Yow. I think I might trick my husband into seeing this one and claim that it's a "manly western." Manly indeed.

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Shannon Bieger said...

LOL "manly indeed" You are one sick woman! Poor, poor Brad. Enjoy that one. Gay cowboys eating pudding. Hollywood is getting desperate for orignial plots.