Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When Porta Potties Attack!

Lately I've been doing this one post a week bullshit on this blog that I'm not very happy with. I sometimes look at my archives and get amazed at my old blogging self. I used to post three times a week WITH a weekly Fan Letter Friday! But sometimes interesting blog topics (and all those high brow roast beef vagina jokes) soon hit a rough spot do they not? I usually use my real life experiences for inspiration but lately it's been about as inspiring as the packets of poison jelly they put in with your shoes when you buy them.

Okay, sidebar, really quickly: what the hell is that exactly? What's its purpose? And really, the do not eat warning on the label? It saddens me that it's on there because once upon a long time ago, there was probably an asshat who thought;
"Wait...what's this?...free candy with my shoes! This is the best day EVER!"
Believe me, if the jelly packets looked like mini Toblerones; I would still be hesitant to eat it, considering the fact that it has been in a box with a pair of shoes that may or may not have been taken on a test run by someone who has corn kernels for toe nails.

But I digress ...now where was I? Oh right..not having any inspiration to blog, I decided to turn to Google - the beast with all the answers and who probably has a satellite in space taking a picture of your house right now for Google Maps!! (Aren't those cool??...and kind of creepy and evasive at the same time...sorry. I'm babbling. I'm on a Fudgesicle high)

I found this handy dandy article that suggested ten topics to possibly blog about..

1. Write a book review: Hmmm, this list is off to a slow start. Well I can tell you that it took five years of my life reading the big bowl of bore soup that is Atonement. It is misleading as in there were so many rave reviews on the outside of the book and yet the inside of the book had the same affect on me as jazz. It's nice to listen to sure but eventually I'm going to fall asleep and drool on myself. I'm wondering if I should waste my time on the movie. Keira Knightly is in it, so I guess if I get bored I can always look at her protruding clavicles and wonder how she manages to stay alive on a diet of tic tacs and cigs.

2. Review a product: Oookaay. Um. Malt vinegar is good on EVERYTHING. Including toast. Don't argue with me. And um, onions suck and don't say, 'Oh I'm going to dice them up real small so you won't even notice." Because dammit I notice. I ALWAYS notice the slimy little buggers from the time they enter my mouth to the minute I spit them across the room.

3. Explain something about your subject that might be confusing to newbies: Okay Twitter. Well it's like a FB status update, actually...it is a status update and nothing more than that. Well...no..no..no, let me take that back, its a little more in depth than a status update but shorter than a blog. You basically just say what you're doing. And if you follow people you can get their tweet and see what they're doing, but if they don't follow you, they won't see what you tweet about unless you respond to something they specifically said, and if someone is following you and you don't follow them, then they can twat all the live long day about.....you know what? never mind. Twitter and every other social networking site out there is just another shiny ball put in our face so we can be distracted and not see how the government steals our rights slowly and big banks steal our money. (And yet, oh lookee over there to the side bar. Is that a tweet thread from yours truly??? yes it is. Hey! I didn't say I was immune to the shiny ball.)

4. Take a stand: I am taking a stand against those people that stand outside the grocery store entrance and harass you to donate my change, my money, my time, my signature, my underwear, my colon, whatever! when really, all I want is to get in and get a jar of Nutella without having to put on my 'ignore them by looking at the imaginary texts on my phone' act just so I can get past you. No I don't have fucking change! I use my debit card irresponsibly and all my change goes into the laundry machine because my condo doesn't come with a washer dryer plug! Are you happy now! I just want to get my damn Nutella for PMS' sake!

5. Take something that is controversial and tell how you feel about it. Just be careful to be respectful to both sides. You don’t want it to turn into a flame war. Besides, it is just more professional to state your opinion in a calm, objective way: Oh fuck that. I think Chris Brown should be in jail getting ass raped with a bar of Irish Spring.

6. Tell about some mistake that you made and what you learned from it: Taking three tequila shots and not waiting for it to kick in before taking three more was not a bright moment in my life.

7. Be different. Do something unexpected. State something which goes against popular opinion: I think my suggestion of malt vinegar on toast took care of that.

8. Run a poll. After it is done, discuss the results: Raise your hands if you think Anne Rice's vampires can kick Stephenie Meyer's metro vampires from Twilight? No contest! Oh and Twilight sucks. I don't understand the appeal. Nor do I understand the appeal of Robert Pattison. Poor man's Johnny Depp. Just sayin. Okay that wasn't really a poll...

9. Tell about a personal experience: One time, during a road trip to Missouri, I had to go to the bathroom really bad. Viking hubby pulled over to a side road with a line of porta-potties. I opened one porta-potty and what I saw in there was the size of Emmanuel Lewis and I'm pretty sure it was coming out to get me. I ended up peeing BEHIND the line of porta-potties and I've had some pretty bad nightmares about the Emmanufeces that attacked me that day.

10. Use humor: I'm sorry. I can't right now. I'm too traumatized by flashbacks of the giant poo that almost took my life and eerily resembled a diminutive child star of the 80's.

(Oh and I just remembered..the nightmare potty was in UTAH! What could they possibly be eating in Utah to create such a thing?!?)

Hold me.


karaoke queen said...

I think I saw that poo.....but it wasnt in utah.

Anonymous said...

Nice Posting

Caroline said...

Oh ... my ... God ... gasping from the funny ... I may take the headings and make them a meme.

Beth, Toblerone Addict said...

I can't believe you said Toblerone (yum!) and Nutella (eeewww!) in the same piece. Geesh.

J. said...

I think crackbook had made piss-poor bloggers of us all.

But as usual, you crack me up girl.

Karen MEG said...

OMG, I'm crying... tears of laughter. And of gratitude that you actually REPLY to some of my tweets...the awesomeness that is you.

hmmmm, I've never looked that closely for look-alike-poo.... nahh, not goin' there :)

Jenny said...

Ok, I haven't commented in ages, and you probably don't even remember me and shit,


I have to tell you that I am so HAPPY to finally see someone agree with me that:

Stephenie Meyer SUCKS
Twilight SUCKS
Robert Pattinson is a greasy bastard. (ok, maybe you didn't say that, I forget already...but HE IS)

That is all.

Bluestreak said...

Ok, this might sound kind of ironic coming from someone who cannot fucking keep up with their google reader but, Please. Post. More.