Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Everyone!!

I'm staying in of course because when you have a child, the best party to have is a party on the couch with a big bowl of Tostinos and ranch. We're doing our usual, appetizers for dinner to ring in the New Years. I wish I had some sweet story on why this has become a 'family tradition' as of late, or at least some cultural reference - like this is what viking hubs great ancestors used to do every new year... rape, pillage and fry up some Tostinos to reward themselves for a hard day's work.. but no, there is no significance to our 'appetizers for dinner' New Year. Truth be told, Viking hubs and I take whatever occasion and turn it into a mini deep fry fest. No joke. We'll be doing appetizers for dinner again for Superbowl too and neither of us even follow football.

Seriously though - we'll be staying in, eating bad fried food and viking hubs begrudgingly agreed to have a Kathy Griffin night. (we're watching the entire first season and ringing in the new year with her on CNN with Anderson Cooper). Again, this isn't some 'tradition' in the family although I'm actively trying to make it one because I could watch Kathy Griffin all the live long day. But Kathy is kind of an 'adults only' comedian so while munchkin is awake, it'll be Spongebob - THEN Kathy after she goes to bed.

Here's a funny little cartoon made from her stand-up cd called 'For Your Consideration' - which she specifically made as a joke to try to get nominated for a Grammy - and she did!!! It's brilliant.

EDIT: This is from last night's telecast and why I love Kathy, check out the 4:30 mark where she tells some heckler on the street to shut up and 'knock the dick out of your mouth!' omg. she's fantastic.

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!! I'm so happy to be welcoming 2009! Stay Safe and I'll see you all in the New Year!


Cynnie said...

OMG!...I swear I couldnt laugh any harder if i tried ..
thats great shit..
I LOVE her..I wish I were a gay guy so she'd hang out with me :(

Tug said...

Happy happy New Year!! Kathy's new to TV, so I'm sure she didn't think the cameras were on ALL the time. ;-)

Bluestreak said...

mmmm, fried stuff. yummm.

happy new year.