Friday, October 17, 2008

Frijoles calls my name and it

In light of Madonna's divorce, I'm running away to Mexico to drown my despair in a bottle of tequila ....and maybe take in donkey show or two.

I kid. (about the Tequila...) Although, Madonna's divorce is bittersweet, (I loved Guy. But now I can throw my digits at her during the concert! ;p) I'm actually going on a weekend cruise today to Ensenada Mexico! WOOOO HOOO!!!!

"But midge o' midge, are you not on a tight budget?" You ask.

And to that I say, 'Thanks for reminding me killjoy!'

Actually this cruise was obtained through the good ol' method of bartering. My friend's husband decided to treat her with a weekend cruise with her little sister (for friendship) and me (appointed trip jester and all around drunk). At the same time, viking hubby (who does charter fishing trips) was also due to take Shannon's husband and his friends out for a day of fishing, which was a raging success. (Please don't click on that link if you are PETA or if you're going to get all feelings about a fish...a delicious one at that.) Instead of exchanging cash for the cruise and the fishing trip, we exchanged services. This cruise ended up being viking hubs birthday present to me as well.

Moral of the story? Bartering can be a success - as long as the men do all the work. ;p

Please don't think I'm not taking you on the cruise with me because I am (in the form of my video cam). You are going to tag along and play 'How much free shit can the midget manage to get while on this trip.' Food and drinks are a given sure, but that's no what I'm after. I'm after the holy grail of free shit:

A paper mache' Elvis head bust.

Pray to the Aztec Gods my friends that I will accomplish this holy mission. Pray to Tom Cruise too...we all know he's performed at been to a donkey show or two. Don't be so glib.

Have a great weekend senors y senoritas! Frijoles to you and your family!
(yes I know that means beans, but you should know by now that Frijoles is the best word ever. I highly recommend that you incorporate it into all your conversations)


The Gilles Family said...

Promise you'll pay homage to the FARMACIA! just for old time's sake. ;)

Have a great time!!!

Tug said...

Frijoles! Have fun getting free shit!

wait. frijoles & free shit just shouldn't be in the same sentence.

;-) Have fun.

Lizzle said...

Enjoy the frijoles. Just stay away from the agua!

Although, ingesting either one may well produce the same results.