Friday, May 02, 2008

Back From New York!

I was suppose to be posting my New York trip blog posts and videos daily but as you can see that didn't pan out. (had to pay for internet service, took forever to load the videos and....oh yeah, I was too tired after each day to do it).

I just posted my Madonna concert experience on my Madonna blog here. - so check it out.

Our videos from day one are at the bottom of this's short because I felt sick..(read below)...and also please excuse the faux British accents that pop up in our conversation once in a while. Its not to honor Mother Madonna, it's the fact that Joey and I think we're Edina and Patty from Absolutely Fabulous.

Off to New York! : We took off at around 8:00 am and the 5 hour trip was pretty uneventful. Delta had free t.v. on that trip which is the only thing that prevented us from going stir crazy. I went to Europe once, a long time ago in college and that was a 18 hour flight or something nutty like that. I held up fine and thought to myself, oh 5 hours and some change to go to New York? No problem! However, something changed with my boody between the age of 21 and 31, going into hour 3, my ass was numb and pancake like. We thought we were home free when we finally flew over into New York - we had even gotten there a half hour early! Our celebration was rudely interrupted as our pilot attempted to land the plane. He must've gotten that pilot license online because the landing was so rough, I thought we lost a wing, the transmission and my stomach somewhere in the ocean. It shook me up bad and by the time we hit the ground, I was feeling queasy and I had a mean headache. Then we sat on the ground for another 30 minutes - which mean, naptime for me! (and picture time for Joey).....

Please excuse my "oh so stylish" no make up airport whore appearance:

By the time we got off, I looked exactly how I felt, (sodomized by a 737 with no lubage). I tried to shake it off as we checked into our hotel (The Hilton Times Square) and marveled at the view. We had just enough time to get dressed and go to Phantom Of The Opera at the Majestic Theatre, which Joey had gotten front row tickets for. And when they say front row, they meant it. We were so front row the orchestra was practically my gynecologist. We could see them under the stage - looking like they were soooo over it, which I don't blame them because they play that show 5 days a week or some such, twice on some days.

The orchestra below, looking up our skirts:

The lobby:

The guy hawking Phantom paraphernalia:

The view of the balcony:

The stage all propped up and ready:

No video was allowed obviously during the show but it was great and when Joey and I walked out, we agreed it was the gayest thing we had ever seen, up until we saw a theater across the street that was showing Xanadu - then we both agreed THAT was the gayest thing we'd ever seen.

Outside the theater:

Xanadu sign across from Phantom:

My nausea and headache was finally gone and we were feeling pretty good. We walked around Times Square like typical tourists with our mouths agape and walking way to slow. We stopped at a Ruby Tuesdays for some dinner and drinks. Oh and in case you're wondering, this is what I look like when I'm feeling good:

and this is what I look like when I cut a fart:

Oddly enough those are the same looks I used to use when I would meet a guy (picture one) and then realized he was a numb skull (picture two).

My only complaint from this day (besides the pilot in training) was Ruby Tuesday's took a chunk off our wallet, I won't say how much, but we were expecting Applebee's prices and instead we were presented with a bill that made it appear as if they sprinkled gold flakes onto our meal and that the waitress had given us both blow jobs. Sadly, it wasn't that spectacular - but whatever, lesson learned, after this we decided NY pizza and hot dog carts was a wonderful way to nourish ourselves for day two.

Arriving...kind of a boring video...this was BEFORE the rough landing that got me nauseous:

Hotel tour while feeling nauseous, I'm trying really hard to be chipper because deep down inside I was very excited to be there:

hotel tour continued...w/ Joey doing a wonderful New York twirl and dance with the bedding:

Day two and Madonna concert recap coming later today...


Tug said...

Why can't I see the pictures? I want to see the pictures... ;-(

I don't love the little red 'x'.

Yo Momma said...

tug; i don't know. i can see the pictures fine on my explorer and firefox...maybe your computer isn't loading right? don't know. :(