Monday, February 18, 2008

Mondays Were Made For A Shirtless McConaughey

In order to reclaim my heterosexuality after my blatant lesbionic lusting for Angelina Jolie, I present to you the man that could pose a threat to Ms. Jolie.....

That smirk of his alone has the power to pull down panties...yow.

I know this doesn't make up for my lack of posting lately but hopefully it'll hold you over until I can get this damn grown up stuff like "work" out of the way and get back to what REALLY matters..and in my case that would be blogging about nonsense.

So sad.

Can someone please tell Madonna to hurry up, release an album and go on tour so that I can once again mercilessly elbow random strangers in the crotch to get to the front of the stage. (get it??? in the crotch?? because I'm short!! HA! .......never mind...)

Seriously come back later. This is just sad.

EDIT: Just found out ol' Madge was in Los Angeles. Guess I'm going to have to scale that wall that surrounds her property again. I don't know why she just doesn't let me in the front door, it would be so much easier that way and really, what's with the "screaming" and "calling the cops" whenever I come over Madge?? It was funny the first time but now it's just kind of annoying. Call me crazy but a restraining order every year? It makes me think you don't want to be friends anymore.


Anonymous said...

The frequency of your posts don't matter when you give up the good stuff!

Beautiful man.

I like the crotch joke. Little people are fun!

Tug said...

I love my Matty when he's all cleaned up like that. NUMM.OH.

Good luck with Madge. seriously. You should be on her speed dial.

And I did you question thingie today FYI. ;-)