Thursday, November 01, 2007

The OverExhaustamation Of Midget E

So I'm exhausted. The title says it all. This week has been the longest week ever, but I'm not going to even go into it because who needs that noise? I'm need a break so here I blog. Oh and I apologize if I haven't stopped by your blogs and put in my unwanted two cents. Gotta little catching up to do. My dirty two cents coming soon.

Anyways, just things at random...

* Went to yet another Gwen Stefani concert on Tuesday night. It was mostly so I could be the adult and babysit my niece, since I had already seen the show in April. However, later that night, when Ms. Stefani decided to go into the audience and serenade me, my shrill screaming and rapid bunny hopping made it clear that I was not the adult. The real adult, (my niece) kept her composure and took some excellent pictures:

Man...she's lucky she's only Madonna-lite to me. The best I did was rub her shoulder when she sang to me. Madonna would've had a midget dry humping her tight geriatric ass. Things work out for a reason.

* With so many important issues in the world that we need to resolve right now, the environment, Darfur, the war, obesity, cancer, etc. It's easy to see why we've overlooked something that clearly needs to be addressed.

Renee Zellweger's face:

Can someone please tell me what is going on here? What drug is she taking that's making her face turn inside out? Is her next role a catcher's mitt? Is this what happens when Botox is snorted instead of injected? Am I the only noticing the fact that her face is actually turning into an asshole? On her next movie premier, Renee will be sans eyes and nose, and all we'll see is this puckered up little hole that occasionally quivers. It won't be so funny then will it? So please, someone help. I don't know who to call about this but the situation is serious.

* You know, when I see a grown man wearing a homemade sleeveless shirt, two arm bands, and fingerless leather gloves, with long flowing blond pompadour slash mullet hair, I think to myself, "Good heavens, what a wonderful man, apparently he is too busy saving puppies, building houses for the homeless and walking elderly people across to the street to worry about what he looks like."
Then I see this.
And my world is turned upside down.
(sidenote: Seriously? Is it surprising that this tool uses the "N" word as a term of endearment? I'm so surprised I'm about to take a nap.)

That's it for now, short and sweet. Like someone you all know and love...(well I'm more sweet and sour, especially as tired as I am right now.) I need sleep but of course I have work so I have to break into my daughter's candy stash and get my sugar high on.
(Reese's Peanut Butter cups here I come!!!!)


Webmiztris said...

renee NEVER should have cut her hair so short. in order to pull off having short hair you have a have a pretty face and.....well, obviously THAT'S not working out for her.

tinakala said...

Renee has a strange alcoholics face. Swallen and red. Permanently. I don`t get why they`d call her a "beauty".

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

At first glance of the pics I couldn't tell who was Renee and who was Dog. Yeah, Renee is looking rough.

Gwen being married to Gavin Rosdale is a million times more perplexing that quantum mechanics or Claudia Schiffer going out with Copperfield.

J. said...

You crack me up.
I liked Renee better when she was a plump little Brit girl.
And the Dawg?

jali said...

People use lol on a regular basis -
I LITERALLY laughed out loud as hell when I got to the dry humping line.
You are a genius!