Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How Munchkins Kill Viking Husbands

Conversation overheard on Sunday between the munchkin and viking hubby:

Munchkin: "Daddy, you no work today?"

Viking Hubby: "No baby, I'm with you all day today so we can play!"

Munchkin: "YEAH!!!! Daddy I don't want you to go to work okay? Work is closed."

Viking Hubby: "You're right work is closed today. No work for Daddy today that's right."

Munchkin: "No, you don't go to work anymore. "

Viking Hubby: "But punkin, I have to. Just like you have to go to school, daddy and mommy have to go to work." (Okay...well mommy works but she doesn't really "go" anywhere per se....just a few places in her head around noon or so.)

Munchkin: "But Daddy I no want you to go to work."

Viking Hubby: "Punkin, Daddy goes to work so we can get food and buy you stuff."

Munchkin: "Well I don't want anymore stuff. I just want you."

Viking Hubby effectively killed with sweetness and rendered into a complete pile of mush.

Here is a picture of the sweetness assassin in one of her many disguises:

Be warned.


SHADOW said...

My goodness shes grown!

Seriously where does the time go? I though she still looked like the she did in her Spongebob birthday photo. JEEZ!

She too cute. Are you prepared for the hormonal boys that will be swarming your house in a few years?

Tell her father to starting greasing up the shot gun.

Tug said...

Oh SWEET is that! And yep, get the shotgun ready...she's going to break some hearts!

Shannon Bieger said...

Oh geez, how could he not quit his job on the spot right there? She's too cute!! Was that her Halloween costume this year? And look how long her hair is!! Such a pretty little munchkin!

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

I would've started blubbering like an idiot.

Your daughter is a beauty!

jali said...

What a sweetheart.

She's beautiful.

Awww. The midge is a mommy blogger.

Madonna said...

How sweet...

Childhood. Ain't it something?