Monday, July 16, 2007

The Angry Post

Dear Neighbor,

First, let me start off my by saying that I am not a perfect mother. Its a hard job and even the best of all mothers get frustrated at one time or another. So, if anything, moms are the most sympathetic to other moms. (Well, I AM anyways) Whenever I see a mom having a hard time with her kids in public, my heart goes out to them because I've been there. It sucks when the little buggers turn into Sybil at the frozen food aisle. So I just want to make it CLEAR that I understandy understand understandaroo like no other.
HOWEVER (you knew that was coming right?) when your children CRY at the top of their lungs EVERY MORNING and you yell at them to "SHUT THE HELL UP!" EVERY MORNING so loud that my daughter hears you and asks if there's a monster outside, you might want to re-access your morning routine.
One way to make your mornings less "noisy" would be SLEEP. When your daughters are still playing outside at 10:00 pm, you can probably expect them not to be such happy campers when you wake them up at 7:30 am and rush them out the door. Shit, who's happy waking up in the morning anyways? Even I want to cry and flail my arms about if I wake up earlier than I want to. You can't really blame them for being whiny and cranky in the morning when they were up late enough to watch the Jay Leno show.

To sum up, More sleep = less howler monkey like toddler.

Love, Me.

Argh. Seriously guys, I'm not the type of person to judge how one raises their child at ALL. Just as long as you're CONSCIOUS of the fact that YOU are RAISING them. I mean, yes they cut the cord, but for the first ..oh I don't know...18 years or so, you kind of have to pay close attention to them. You would think that after a morning or two of cranky toddlers, she would be like, "Oh..hmm, maybe they're not getting enough sleep?" She's THERE when her kids are still up at 11:00 pm (they're 2 and 3 respectively) so I don't understand why that logic has escaped her. It pisses me off even more that she's yelling at them to "shut the hell up" so loud that the whole block can hear it, as if her daughters are crying simply to annoy her and ruin her day. And again, I can't stress enough that I'm not the perfect parent. I've lost my temper with my daughter, yes sometimes I let her watch too much t.v. and she has had days where she hasn't had enough sleep and she was cranky as hell, but typically that's not the norm. If there is one thing that I am a real stickler about with my daughter, it's SLEEP. That girl gets more than enough sleep for her health and more importantly for MY SANITY.

So I guess I just don't understand why my neighbor hasn't caught on to that fact.

But that's really nothing compared to what I read in the news yesterday. I guess some couple were arrested for neglecting their 2 year old and 11 month old. Basically, the kids were found dehydrated, malnourished and the little girl's head had to be shaved because it was matted and covered IN CAT URINE. (after reading this, I was literally spit shining my husband's gun and looking up their address). And you know WHY they neglected them??? THEY WERE ADDICTED TO ONLINE FANTASY GAMES like that Dungeons and Dragons and neglected to feed, bathe, or pay attention to their children. They had FOOD they were just "too busy" PRETENDING to slay a fucking dragon, or whatever the fuck it is that geeks do with that game, to get up and FEED THEM.


Why don't we have the punishment fit the crime??????? How about we STARVE their asses for several days, not give them any water, let them stew in their own shit and piss and have alley cats piss on their hair, while I sit across from them playing Connect Four eating a steak dinner and enjoying a refreshing beverage.

"Oh what's that? You're hungry? Sorry. This game of Connect Four is so engrossing, I just can't be bothered right now."

Okay, so Connect Four probably isn't the best game to play alone, but I'm pretty sure I can find a few volunteers to play with me and watch those ass wipes suffer.
SPADE OR NEUTER...its not just for pets.

(Midget rant ending in 5........





Thank you. Come again.


karaoke queen said...

Yikes. That's all I can really say. Yikes. People should have to get a license to have kids.

Miss-Informed said...

That is so awful...I can't believe that about the poor kids being neglected. People can be so flippin' crazy, I SWEAR! I hope they rot in a cell for-ev-er! As far as the neighbor goes why don't you trouble HER for a glass of, "Shut the hell up?"...teehee.
Loves me some Happy Gilmore:)

Caroline said...

Reminds me of a post I wrote about a pair of "parents" who dragged their toddler & preschool girls into the woods with them rather than get busted for drugs... again. And? The girls had no coats or shoes on... in winter... in Maine. And? The alleged "parents" ... LOST THEM. It took a helicopter search to find them after an overnight in the woods, fortunately after a freak NON-freezing cold spell, and both girls were alive. But as far as I'm concerned, those "parents" should've been airlifted to a glacier somewhere without THEIR coats or shoes and left to find THEIR way home, with NO ONE looking for them.

Frigging people.

Webmiztris said...

If I ever have a kid, it's going to bed at 3 p.m. No later. LOL

I did read that story. That is unfuckingbelievable to me! I'm all for the spay and neuter program also. where do I sign the petition?

Kristi said...

Oy vey. Now I don't feel so bad for sleeping in while my kids watch disney movies in my room. At least I feed them, right?

Anonymous said...

HAL-LE-LU-JAH! You voiced my opinions EXACTLY!

The Gilles Family said...

UGH! I'd heard about that story and I had to wonder how they let them even leave the hospital with those babies. Stupid, stupid people. I double dog dare you to print out your post and put it on your neighbor's door. DO EET!

Tug said...

I'll play Connect Four with you any time...just let me find a gun first.

J. said...

WHY did I click that link? WHY?
OMFG people piss me off.
Poor kids. There outta be a test or something before you're allowed to procreate.

My gf still argues with me about daughter's bedtime, which, since she's older now, is around 10pm. I know she needs her sleep, or she's a complete bear. GF thinks I'm retarded.
Who's kids are whining all day long? Hers. Not mine. And she still can't figure out why her two boys are idiots all day long.
Ummm ... hello? It's called lack of sleep. Duh.

Madonna said...

Your neighbor and my neighbors need to go bowling together. Seriously.

Sometimes I really think the Unabomber had the right idea - except for the bombing part, of course.