Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It began with an itchy throat, that led to a cough, that led to a phlegmy cough, that finally led to me sounding a whole lot like Kim Carnes.

But with pleghm.


Arizona hijinks will be posted soon.

For now, let's all ponder what Kim Carnes means by "Bette Davis" eyes? (dilated pupils?)
"Pure as New York snow"(coke?), "All the boys think she's a spaz? (crackheads are quite a spaz).

Did she foresee the coming of Courtney Love??

Or maybe we can just sit back and remember fondly at how eighties videos were so "bling" free.


Webmiztris said...

sorry to hear you're sick, elaine. :(

Bette Davis's eyes were droopy and weird looking to me, so I never understood that song.

Katy said...

"She's got Bette Davis Eyes" Oh hell, I love this song. I remember singing it back int backity back of the station wagon. Way before the SUV craze and when kids could still lay down on roadtrips and pretend to pick their noses for the cars behind them. Hope you feel better.

"Rol you like you were dice"

Miss-Informed said...

Loving the song, sorry to hear you sound anything like this woman. With phlegm. Sounds fantastic. I myself is sick as well. I feel the pain sista. In the chest!

Anonymous said...

i think that last line is "all the boys think she's a spy / she's got bette davis eyyyyyeeesssszzz..."

i used to listen to that on my little clock radio and i would think about how new wave was such a fantastic development in music. looking back on a lot of it now, though, quite a bit of it seems embarrassing.

feel better.

karaoke queen said...

Love the song, sorry to hear you're sick!! Get better soon. Hot voice, but phlegm grosses me out so shape up :D

Madonna said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Hopefully you're doing better now.

Kim Carnes kicked ass, though.