Thursday, April 12, 2007

My O Face.

I got tagged hard by Kristi. It was nice....
What are my FIVE OBSESSIONS....(just five??).
And here they no particular order...

1. Ice Cream:
Or chocolate, or chocolate ice cream, or ice cream drizzled with chocolate, or chocolate cake with some ice cream on the side, or chocolate ice cream cake, or an ice cream bed with chocolate pillows …....oh good lord, this is me right now:

2. America’s Next Top Model:
I watch this show like guys watch football. I yell, I laugh, I cuss out the bitches that need to be cut, I have screamed horrible obscenities at Tyra for cutting out the wrong girl, (oh god don’t get me started on last season when she kept hanging on to the transsexual that was Jaeda.). If I hear the theme song from ANTM, I run to the nearest television like a crack addict looking for the next fix. Every season, my favorite part of the show is Tyra’s outfits, (headbands….extensions…bustiers, OH MY!) and I just LOVE when they give the girls a makeover, especially watching the girl who’s going to get her hair cut super short have a mental breakdown. Bwahahahahahahaha! I loved this show so much, I (tried) to cut my hair like ANTM winner, Naima, from a couple seasons back.

Here's Naima:

and here's Not Quite Naima:

3. Organizing my daughter’s toys….
Not like, oh they have to be on the shelf all straight and shit, no nothing like that. To the untrained eye, (my husband) it appears that the toys are just neatly put away. However, if you look closer at the sickness, you’ll see that all the small animal toys are together, the big animal toys are in another bucket, the ‘soft’ toys are together, the Little People toys are in one area, Dr. Seuss books have their own section and are separated from non-Dr. Seuss books, music type toys are in one bin, and God help you if you don’t put all of Mr. Potato Head’s parts back into his butt, I will hunt you down.

4. The Internet…
…which I call my second child. Work, Blogging, You Tube.,, (shamed) and my email(s).. because you know if you don’t check it every second, you might miss an important offer from Mr. ZUNHAWMI, a businessman from Nigeria offering you a million dollars from an account of a family who has recently passed away and ohmygod will you please accept this money soon before the Government takes it??!?!?

5. Madonna…(Like totally, no way!!)
I have a Madonna sticker on the back of my car that says “Got Madonna?” (like “Got Milk?” Get it? Shut up. I’m clever and you know it.)
I have a Madonna license plate…I don’t know if its legal to put it on the front of my car but I think I’m going to go ahead and do it.

This is my wallpaper:

Myspace profile looks like Madonna vomited on it. Several times.

I write to Oprah almost every week about giving me a dream date with Mrs. Ritchie. I’ve actually gotten an email from Harpo telling me to stop. I haven't....I just cut it down to once a month. :D
I will not be deterred!
I spent over ….gulp…don’t tell my husband….$1000 on her concerts last year.
She’s coming out with a new album later this year.
And the madgeness shall begin again…..

I tag Madonna aka Material Girl,
Miss Informed
and whoever else has nothing to blog about.


Miss-Informed said...

Love the idea of the chocolate bed...I am so totally there! Your hair looked cute in that pic. Thanks for the tag, I am all about obsessions:)

Kristi said... rocked that haircut. Also seriously...ANTM IS THE BEST SHOW EVAH! I have to get the episodes off of youtube and yes...I still keep up with the show. My favorite this season? Anyone but Ney-Ney.

I'm more patheticer than you. I promise.

Webmiztris said...

holy shit! you truly MAY BE her biggest fan!!

Madonna said...

I've been tagged?! Yikes!

Well, I'll post a quickie here for now (I'll give you all the fun-filled, ramble on and on like a lunatic version on my blog later this week)...

1. Madonna! (what a shock!), even though I'm a little nervous about the new album (read my latest post :/ ). Really, girlie. You can do better than Timberland and Timberlake. :/

2. Bob Barker! The Price Is Right is going to feel so empty with Bob come next season. :(

3. Wonder Woman. She kicks ass. She looks so damned hot in that little costume. If only she wore some of Maddy's boots with it. She's an Amazon! She can handle 6" heels!

4. Fetish Boots. Talk about versitile! They go great with hot pants! They go great with skirts! They go great with jeans! They can say "Fuck you! I'll kick your ass!" or "Come take me now!".

5. The 80's. Who needs the 90's? Fuck the 00's. Give me dark-haired Bob, wild fashions, good TV, and "Borderline" and "Material Girl" any day!

I'll ramble on more and more next week. :P