Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elvis Can You Hear Me?

Okay, I think I'm the only person on the planet that does not watch American Idol. I heard all this hubbub about Celine doing a duet with Elvis last night and I thought...oh they're going to do another "Unforgettable" like when Natalie Cole sang with her father. Fancy editing. Big Whoop. So I didn't watch it. I got enough Elvis videos and documentaries in my collection to keep me occupied for years, why would I watch Celine fuck up his songs? Nope. nope. Not even the promise of Madonna's "taped message" got me to watch last night.

Then I YouTubed it this morning and saw ELVIS walking out with CELINE. For a minute I thought..."YES! The scientific community finally received my many letters, obtained Elvis' DNA and cloned him!!!" I was about to break the bad news to Brad that sadly, the mothership of all hillbillies has returned and that I must heed the call.
But alas, it was just SUPER fancy editing; however, I have to give it up to AI. That was brilliant. So brilliant, I started trolling Ebay for a time machine.

I have the 1968 Comeback Special on DVD. (Where they got that Elvis performance from)..and I have to tell you all that I could have done that duet better than Celine considering, I've sang along to the entire DVD
...and I have his moves to that song (and many others) memorized...
and if you get me drunk enough, I will put on an oversized suit and amaze you with how a Filipino chick can turn into Elvis with one shot and a glass of rum and coke. Its a little disturbing.

Seriously, no one is hot now like Elvis was hot. White suit with that hair, the perfect face, the swagger..oh jeebus.. I screeched like a groupie inside and I think my panties went down a notch.


Webmiztris said...

holy shit, that was neat...

I don't watch AI much either. 1/2 of the singers they have left suck....I've heard better at drunken karaoke, which is pretty sad!

Kristi said...

What the heck??? Why couldn't they have paired him with someone cool, like...ME?

Miss-Informed said...

I didn't watch it either but I dug the video. No one is hot like Elvis these days is in my opinion because he is everything you dream of having a MAN to be. Clean cut, honest, just and bad enough to know he will make you feel like a WO~man. Yup, they should clone Elvis. As long as the new one doesn't get fat and greasy later in life;)

Tug said...

I was about to break the bad news to Brad that sadly, the mothership of all hillbillies has returned and that I must heed the call.

Where DO you come up with this stuff, I'm cracking up!

It was awesome how they did that!

Elaine said...

webmiztris: yes, exactly. That's how I feel when I watch this show. Like I'm watching a very expensive karaoke production

kristi: Thank goodness the coolness of Elvis overshadowed the cheese that is Celine.

Miss-Informed: We have great protein shakes, turkey bacon and low fat butter now so I think if we cloned Elvis today, he would stay slim trim and hot.

Tug: I have no idea how they did that, but they need to make Elvis appear in my living room. Better shower. ;p

jali said...

The show was good. I cried most of the night watching scenes of kids.

Madonna was on the show. (Nyah,nyah,nyah doo-doo)

Judy said...

No Elaine, I think that's just Lisa Marie Presley.

I didn't watch it either; I was very interested in watching who the newest member of the Pussycat Doll's was going to be... I know, that's lame!

Ice said...

I also don't watch AI... I have never watched any of them. I'd rather watch a movie on TMN if I have to watch TV. :)

Madonna said...

"Seriously, no one is hot now like Elvis was hot."

Sorry, Elvis, but you're no Madonna. :P