Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sucky sucky poo poo...

Please excuse the lack of posts this week...Christmas Hangover and what not.
Don't look away and act like you don't know! Cuz' I know YOU KNOW! I SEE the guilt in your eyes for being a numero uno procrastinator this year and doing your Christmas shopping on the 23rd!! AND sending out email Christmas cards! I mean, how lame is that?!? Sending out lazy ass, last minute Christmas email cards! How completely inappropriate. Everyone else THOUGHT AHEAD and sent you a good ol' fashioned card through the mail and you.......

well, lets just say I can't even look at you right now....


I have a strange feeling that I did the same thing this year.
Its just a feeling mind you, but still.

Okay, never mind.

I'm just taking a breather...there MAY or MAY NOT be a fan letter friday tomorrow.
Stay tuned.


Here's the best "Santa Baby" song ever recorded by....come I really need to tell you?


J. said...

I love when she does that song.
And I loved your ecard, you old procrastinator.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part about the e-card was the detailed explanation of why it was an e-card instead of a traditional one haha. Happy Near Year girl!