Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Shameless Self Promotion...

Shameless promotion begins........NOW!

Hey you guys, I'm opening up a business website in January 2007 called A-List Weddings. A clever name and an even more clever founder. (Ahem). The idea was mostly inspired by my "wedding"..if you could call it that....my friend, who's knee deep in planning her wedding and my goal to do something that is somewhat related to my degree. (right now its just a really expensive dust catcher...)

The website basically works a lot like lending tree. A bride goes onto the website and fills out a form where she describes what kind of wedding dress, bridesmaid dress she would like, type of cake she wants, if she wants a deejay, photographer, etc. etc. along with what price range she's looking for. This form then gets sent out to various wedding service providers who then "compete" for her business.

I'm slowly but surely building my group of wedding professionals, but I need a lot more from anywhere in the state. So if you're an up and coming fashion designer, a deejay, a photographer, a band, a caterer, even if you can make a creative centerpiece, CLICK HERE. This is a good way to get lots of clients to come your way at a very affordable price.

OR if you know anyone that can benefit from this, let them know about it..

OR if you're feeling especially generous..what with it being Christmas and me being as close to an elf as humanly possible, you can pimp my website out on your myspace or blog. (a wonderful filler for those "what the hell do I blog about today?" days...)

I'll tell Santa you've been good even though we ALL know you haven't. (Come on..I read your blogs..you're all bad bad ..but hilarious...people)

Oh and I specifically cater to small businesses and freelance types because YOU KNOW David's Bridal isn't about to "compete" for anyone's business and they have all the customers they need.

So its a win/win on both ends.

Also if you're getting married, stop by the website in January! There's a nifty message board and a fun page where I'll post my usual malarky...although it will be wedding related. Probably focusing more on those celebrity marriages that seem to last forever! Because a Pam and Kid Rock thou shalt never be....thank God for the little things......


Shameless promotion will end in ...






...........END..............FIN.........TAPOS NA.........


msshallan said...

Wish you the best Elaine! As soon as I find a man BRAVE enough to marry me...you are the one I'm going to call!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Wow. What a little entrepreneur you are!

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged, in the politest way possible to carry on a meme, sorry. And I am interested in your answers, well fairly interested anyway, no seriously. But there's no pressure, just ignore, your better off ignoring it really, wish I had then I wouldn't be rambling on like this. Sorry again.

Miss-Informed said...

Yippee for you, and I will totally rock ya on my myspace when I figure out how! By the way, excellent to have you back darling!

Softball Slut said...

Well I have a feeling I will be asked soon. So this idea is such a great one! Remind us again like once every two weeks!!

Kristi said...

Bloody brilliant idea. As I'm pigeonholed in the lovely 'mommy blogger' category, I don't know many single people anymore.

But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Leilouta said...

Where were you a year and half ago before my wedding when I was freaking out about it and didn't know what to do? :(

Good luck, and I am very happy you're back.You've been missed.