Sunday, July 17, 2011

When Did My Life Turn Into a Country Song?

'Said goodbye to the palm trees and made it to a strange land. Where the hot steamy weather boiled everything bland. I left a home for nothingness, seemed like this joke would never end. And if being lost wasn't bad enough, I lost my best friend."

Twang twang. What a shitty ass country song its been. ('shitty ass country song' is that redundant?)

I apologize for not blogging but moving to Missouri was, unfortunately, quite an ordeal I'm STILL trying to settle from. I'm going to try and make the story as short as possible. Basically we moved here thinking we had a house, turns out it was a shack, we ended up living with my in-laws for about a week while we stored our stuff in storage. In the middle of all this mess, my first born, my baby, my doggy for 12 years, got really sick and passed away.

The good news is we found a nice three bedroom house fairly quickly but the first night I slept in my bed felt like so odd without my best friend steaming up my feet. I cried the whole night. I'm crying right now. The wound is still very fresh.

Seems like every time I start to write. Every time I think I'm okay because hey, it was just a dog right? The tears start coming again and I think no, he wasn't just a dog, he was so much a part of my life. I find myself looking for him frantically when I realized I haven't heard him, thinking he got out or something. I went to throw a piece of food I had left over from dinner to him and realized I just threw it to the ground. Coming home from the grocery store is just that, coming home from the grocery store. No dog jumping on us and putting his head in the bags to see what treats we got him.

I'm feeling completely uninspired and I apologize. I'll get my groove back soon. Right now, I just miss home and I miss my dog.


kim said...

Oh, man. I am so sorry. I hope your heart starts to heal soon. XO

Giuseppe said...


Ashley said...

This made me tear up a little. Super sad that Gunter is gone he was just so adorable.

Sherry Hipple Photography said...

I'm so sorry. Pets can be a big part of your life. Just think of the good times and pretty soon time will heal your wounds. Keep your head up!

The Gilles Family said...

I'm so sorry, Elaine! :( I hope it gets better day by day by day.