Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now that I've violated you, I will now send you on your way...

I'm truly at a loss as to what I'm going to do with this blog. This pregnancy has zapped me of the little motivation I had to write blog posts. Don't get me wrong, I loved having the outlet to write about my grievances, funny stories, funny thoughts, celebrity commentary but lately it feels like I've had nothing to say that a Facebook status couldn't immediately convey. I'm sad that my writing has taken a back seat to the instant gratification of Facebook; but right now, being sluggish and pregnant and feeling completely uncreative and/or witty - Facebook is a perfect fit. So I thought a lot about ending this blog completely, I mean it's been a good run right? I started in 2005, met some great people online and read some genius blogs as well. We've shared a few laughs, gotten to know one another - it actually feels like I should have ended this blog a long time ago when it was still on a high note and not have waited until it has dwindled down to where I'm writing one post a month!

So this is it, possibly my last post for Sanity, Interrupted and as a goodbye gift to myself, I've compiled some of what I think are my best blog posts and Fan Letter Friday posts and putting them all together in a book. (Thanks to the wonderful invention of self-publishing). It ended up being 140 pages! I'm still in the process of editing but I think everything will be wrapped up nice and pretty by mid-April. I believe this will be the perfect addition to my bathroom library and a nice way to reward myself for sticking to something for as long as I've stuck to this blog. If you guys want one, I will post up a link here on the blog on where to buy a book when it's finished. All proceeds will go to diapers and formula! And maybe a small cocktail for me.

So for now, thank you one, thank you to all the five people who have taken the time to visit, read, comment on my blog. It was nice to know that my incoherent rantings made you guys laugh, grimace or feel sorry for me. I won't say I'll be gone from blogging forever, but for now, I bid you all a sweet goodbye (unless you have a Facebook then we really don't have to say goodbye completely! haha).

I'm going to pat this blog on its sweet tired ass and send it on it's way.

Hugs, french kisses and ass tickles to everyone,


Anonymous said...

Awwww. I understand, but, well, awwwww. Do post that link--I'll definitely be buying. ♥

Yo Momma said...

we still have Facebook Beth! :D

Kristi Harrison said...

It's been fun. You were one of my favorites. We'll always have Paris! (Facebook!)

Cynnie said...

ive gone missing too :(

hey ! am i your facebook bud ?

Yo Momma said...

@cynnie: I just friend requested you :)

CP said...

I am really sad you're closing up shop because you were/are one of the most talented humor writers out there. You ALWAYS made me laugh, girl. Always. And I know how to bring the funny, bitch! LOL

What I AM excited about is your pregnancy! Yay to that! Enjoy it.

Reconsider closing up for good. You may want this blog back someday in between slinging bottles and diapers.

You'll be missed.

SHADOW said...

OMG this sucks! I actually woke up this morning and you ran across my thoughts wondering where the hell you been.

Dammit, does this mean I need to get a facebook too? Ugh. I don't have any form of a social networking profile (except my bff's old myspace I log into now and then. Oh yeah I have you as a friend on that). Im terrified by all the rumors I hear about twitter, facebook and those things getting hacked or peeps all up in your biz.

Meh. What should I doooooo?!?!

Yo Momma said...

@CP Thanks girl. I don't think I'm gone for good. I have a feeling after the baby or even during LABOR I'll have a whole mess of shit to write about. :)

@Shadow Facebook, facebook, facebook with me please? The privacy settings are way better now (Myspace got nothing on Facebook) so don't worry about it too much. But like I said to CP above, I don't think I'll be gone forever - just for now. So I can sit my fat pregnant ass down and sleep. (and eat) haha!

Karen MEG said...

Oh geez, I don't catch up with you for a bit and your close your blog down. Sux! But I get it... I've been thinking about what to do with my own damn blog for the last while, with only being able to post once every 10 days. What's the friggin' point?

Hope all is well with you..I'll ahve to look for you on FB...look for me!