Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where's The Midge? She's On A Chankras Break.

I'm still here you guys I swear. I'm just getting acclimated to the whole concept of getting up, getting DRESSED and GOING somewhere (besides my house) to work. I haven't really had time to sit down and blog until now.

By the way, calling it "work" is definitely stretching it, especially when part of my day is spent perusing InStyle magazine and calling up designers to see if I can send them model submissions. Who knew selling pretty people could be so much fun?

I'm the beauty hustler. Hollah.

So there has been several things I've noticed at the office that lets me know that I work in California...more specifically, in San Diego a block away from the beach (I can see it out my window! Seriously how did I get this job???). Here are some of a few daily reminders I've observed....

*Casual Friday in this office is apparently everyday. Flip flops, t-shirts, shorts, -except today because it was a balmy 65 degrees...brrrr! (I can hear everyone EAST of me laughing their asses off at my pansy ass right now. Hey! if I need to wear a light jacket and actual shoes with socks, it's officially FREEZING.)

* Our "board" room has an actual surfboard in the middle which doubles as our conference table.

* You'll probably hear the word "karma" at least twice a day and a brief mention about feeling someone's negative or positive vibes.

* The bathroom has scented aromatherapy candles, low watt bulbs (for relaxation), a shower, 3 kinds of hand soap - for the non-sensitive hand washer (hand soap), the "I'm allergic to everything" handwasher (Dove lightly-scented mild liquid soap), and the tree huggers (non-toxic, not tested on animals, naturally scented, hemp extract, mineral rock hand scrub) OH and let's not forget someone's breast pump under the sink that's tucked away in a very stylish silk, carry on bag.

* Hugging is the new handshake.

* It is not unusual to have a green tea latte in the morning, a carne asada burrito at lunch and a carb burner pill washed down with an energy drink as a mid-morning snack.

* A dog groomer coming to the office to groom the office pet on site. (this one girl brings her little dog in to work with her sometimes)

* Criticisms are sandwiched in between compliments.
"Her hair is really pretty.. I mean, ignore the fact that her nose is the size of a Volvo and takes up half the picture...if we have modeling jobs that require her to wear a mask, she'd be golden with that body!"

So yeah, those are just a few reminders that I'm not in New York or the real world for that matter. But really, I'm loving my job. I'm just trying to get out of my "new girl" phase, learn the system and start Jerry McGuire-ing.....or Bob Sugar-ing......whatever.

In short, I'll be much more interesting after the holidays. Meanwhile, just use my boring blog posts as a way to help you get to sleep at night.

Oh and to follow up with my friend Alison's challenge...this week I'm thankful for online shopping! Pick, click, get it wrapped, shipped zippity quick so that I can go back to scratching my ass through the hole in my sweat shorts.

Gotta love technology.


Anonymous said...

You have apparently landed THE job. Now go kick some ass!

Oh, and if the new, hot look for models ever becomes "short, middle-aged, chubby woman with brown corkscrew-curly hair (and gray roots)," give me a call...


Tug said...

HOLYhell I am jealous - YOU.GO!

I broke down & wore real shoes with socks YESTERDAY - it was 6 degree wind chill with snow. pansy. ;-)

Madonna said...

That sounds like my kind of work environment. Relaxed, fun, and free of most of the bullshit that makes work unpleasant.

You find 65 to be cold? Sorry, but even I'm going to laugh at that one. Okay, okay, so not everyone in Southern California is like me. Everyone thought I was nuts the other day when it was cold and drizzling, and I was walking around in sweatpants and a T-Shirt - no jacket, no nothing. I even had a few people start to assume I didn't have a jacket at all. I laughed and said "I have five of them at home. I just don't use them until it gets down under 40. This is my kind of weather."

It's true. The older I've gotten, the more I've grown to hate the heat and love the cold.

I am glad everything is going so great at your new job. :) said...

Dream job!

Good for you, Momma!

I'm so happy that things worked out so well.

The description of the office sounds soooo California-ish.

SHADOW said...

I have no idea what you are talking about :-(. I am too much of a New Yorker to understand all of this ha ha!