Monday, October 22, 2007

Taste Like Burning

So southern California is basically up in flames right now. I know there are fires up in Malibu and the picture I posted is right by my friend Jenessa's house. Last I heard from Jenessa they hadn't been evacuated yet however they had already packed their car and were ready to go at a moments notice. Over here in the San Diego area, I don't even know where it's NOT brother is fairly close to one of the wildfires but thankfully, they haven't been evacuated just yet.

We are not really in any danger but our boat is stored in an open area up on a hill where the fires are. I know, I know, it's just a boat however, we're not the Rockefellers, that boat is a big investment for us so it would be sad to see it go up in smoke. (we have insurance on it but still, I don't know what the stipulations are as far as fire damage goes and if the boat is not on our property, blah blah blah). Thankfully we have friends nearby who called and said they would tow it out of there for us.

The sky looks orange red from all the fires around us. Some parts of San Diego was so overtaken by smoke it looked like it was 6pm at noon. This is the second time that the fire here in San Diego county has gotten this bad. Last time was in 2003, when I was pregnant with the munchkin. There was literally ash raining from the sky it was so bad. I see some ash around today but we're far enough from both areas where the smoke hasn't really affected us too bad.
There's no end in sight it seems because the Santa Ana winds (dry and gusty, winds at about 20 mph...seriously my lips are chapped and my skin could suck up an entire lake it's so dry right now) are suppose to keep blowing for two more days.

Munchkin's school is closed tomorrow because her school is located up in the hills with a lot of brush around it. The fire isn't suppose to come near there but the kids can't even play outside the air is soo smoky there.

So hope for the best and hope that the fire skips out my brother's home and Jenessa's house and gets put out sooner than possible. Also, let's all ask Mrs. Santa Ana winds to please put a cork in it and move it along already. You're really not helping matters much biotch.


Tug said...

I hope that you all are safe...friends, brothers, all. (yes, the boat too!) If you know anything about the Carlsbad area, can you email me @ beachykeen_00 at please? My brother's there, haven't heard anything from him since this morning.

Thanks Elaine! (I have gone online, haven't learned a lot)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Ah, you have a boat? No fair.

If the fires get too bad, you can run away in the boat.

JsTzznU said...

Hope thing are good with your family!! My co-worker just left his house in Lake Arrowhead.... He stayed as long as he could and now has no choice but to leave!!

Hope the boat makes it too =)

CP said...

Stay safe, midget.

SHADOW said...

I completely forgot that your lived in Cali! I'm paranoid now for your safety. After this post I take a different perspective from whats going on up there. When you watch it on the T.V. you feel bad for everyone who lives there but your attitude changes when you actually 'know' someone being affected by the tragedy. It's kind of like how others felt about 9/11. Everyone all over the US was sad but it didn't effect their lives like it did mine. Not being able to ride the subway for days and constantly cleaning ash residue from my windows.

I hope everything ends well and will be otay for your family and possessions.

jali said...

Sending my love and hoping for the best for all affected. I echo cp; stay safe.

Webmiztris said...

stay safe, girl...

that is some scary shit.