Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wearing A Thong is an intentional wedgie which is a lot less annoying than an unintentional wedgie.

Because at least with a thong, you know its there, shit, you put it there! and there's a lot less cotton up your ass as opposed to having an unintentional wedgie from a full butt coverage underwear. You don't want it there and there's a lot more digging you have to do.
Just go commando is what I'm saying.

The pointless drivel above is what happens when midgets can't find a proper title for this post.

Moving right along....

I've gotten two blogger awards recently from fellow bloggers, which is my favorite kind of award. First is from Lizzle The Blog Schmooze Award for"people that were exceptionally adept at creating relationships with other bloggers by making an effort to be part of a conversation, as opposed to a monologue. These bloggers have all worked hard to build a reputation for themselves by commenting on other blogs, participating in blogging communities, replying to comments left on their blog and overall just doing their part to interact with other bloggers."

Although I'm no good at responding to comments on my blog, I do admit that I try to comment on most of the blogs that I visit because I'm one of those annoying people who has shit to say about everydamnthing. So thanks Lizzle for encouraging my obnoxious trait. :D

I'm suppose to tag other bloggers but I'm to lazy to link everyone.
So much for schmoozing.

Another reward was a Thinking Blogger Reward from A Strange Life.

Apparently, my stories of poop, gratuitous partial nudity posts of men and bashing of celebrities makes Karen think. About what, I don't want to know but all I have to say is....
I'm sorry.
Especially the post about making a poopy pie on the beach. But thank you for bestowing upon me this the award!

I know there's a bunch of other things I have to do like link this post to the blog that awarded me and then link them over to a bunch of other blogs I like who then link back to me for nominating them and then we send out a mass email to everyone about having a blogger orgy in Las Vegas and OH don't forget B.Y.O.B! Then we all meet in Las Vegas, get tanked and wake up the next morning with no recollection of what happened the night before but all we know is that somehow we all have each other's panties on our heads and there's a strange smell in the room. We pinky swear not to tell anyone what happened although we don't even remember what happened, but judging from the various glow in the dark rubber dilds, the sex swing that was haphazardly attached to the closet and Ryan Seacrest's lifeless horribly beaten body (but immaculately manicured fingernails!) in the bathtub, it couldn't have been good.
We all go home and attempt to blog as if nothing happened but at night, we all feel dirty and no shower is hot enough. Eventually, no matter what we write about, our posts somehow always end up being about rubber dilds, sex swings and our incredible need to put a bat to the television whenever Ryan Seacrest is on.
(Although I already want to take a bat to the t.v. whenever Ryan is on, I figure after the blogger orgy it would just intensify to me wanting to actually SHOOT the television....)

I, for one, don't want to be responsible for THAT mess whatsoever so I'm not going to do it.
This has nothing to do with the fact that I'm lazy.
Nothing at all.
I'm just concerned for the well being of my fellow bloggers.

And finally, I've been meaning to post this video but to tell you the truth. I got scared. I kind of think that it's like that video from The Ring..except you don't die after watching it, you just get an incredible urge to reenact the video to complete strangers. (God knows I have.)
But I think I'm ready to take that risk.

Don't try to understand, PLEASE just watch:


Lizzle said...

You're welcome for the award...

I also want to take a bat to the TV when Ryan Seacrest is on... And Carson Daly. It's becoming a problem.

As for the "motionless exercise" lady, I love that clip... because now I know what my face looks like when I'm in the middle of barfing up my soul after those particularly good nights of partying! (That's handy info!)

Shonda-Land said...

I want in on the Vegas trip. Just sayin'. :o) I'll bring the bat. I hate Ryan Seacrest!

Webmiztris said...

are you sure I'm not going to die after watching that vid? because I'm thinking I might...



karaoke queen said...

It's like........she's choking on a chicken ball and an invisible person is giving her the heimlich....


Madonna said...

Whoo. Awards. Cool!

I haven't gotten an award since I received the only "Pixie award" in history on an old forum - a picture of a 6" heeled thigh-high boot.. Heh.