Wednesday, July 04, 2007


9 years ago on July 4th, a ghetto wedding occurred between a Viking and Midget.

Here's the official wedding photo:

And what better way to celebrate an anniversary and America's birthday than to go to a fair, eat fried stuff on sticks and wonder how I ever fit into my wedding dress halter top.

Don't you dare blame the fried stuff on sticks! They haven't done anything but taste delicious. I'm pretty sure that halter top just shrank in the dryer.

Yep. That HAS to be it.

Have a wonderful Fourth Of July weekend Wednesday everyone!!! Be Safe!


J. said...

Happy Anniversary!
And might I just say that the Husband is
Lucky bitch. :D

Tug said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Fried stuff on sticks & fry bread...nummers. Have some for me, k?thx

Lizzle said...

Wait, is it that you are a midget, or is viking hubby that much smaller than he looks?

You crazy kids enjoy your fried deliciousness... You can always just move up a size on the halter top when you renew your vows!

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

thats awesome. I'm wondering if you guys bought those special airtight boxes to store and preserve your wedding halter top and his wedding undershirt.


Elaine said...

J: haha! Thanks! I told him about your comment and he got all embarassed. hahahahaha!

tug: OOOH fry bread! Unfortunately, i was too stuffed to have fry bread, but that's on next year's list!

Lizzle: platform flip flops dahling. The reason why I even made it INTO the picture.

Hootch: HAHA! I don't even think he has that shirt anymore but I do have that halter top..A. because I got married in it. and B. I bought that top in Florence, Italy.
(FYI: it has a monkey on it, appearing to tweak my nipples. Classy.)
I think I'm going to get it framed.

Miss-Informed said...

Happy Anniversary to you! I bet you two love birds sweated your asses off at the fair chowing on the carni food. Gotta love the funnel cakes....

You two look really cute together.

Leilouta said...

Happy Anniversary!
You both look hot :)

Webmiztris said...

aww! happy anniversary!

Madonna said...

Nine years?! Wow. Nine years ago, I was... Naw, you don't wanna know. :P

I do apologize for being late, though. Belated Happy Anniversary!