Sunday, June 17, 2007


...damn, it feels like forever and a day since I've blogged. I'm not gonna lie. I had internet access in Galveston but our rental house was literally ON THE in wake up...what's that noise? oh its the beach outside my window! Whaddya know! So yea, the computer was the last place I wanted to be. (even though I did WORK during my VACAY...yeah, please don't get me started...but I did my work at night, in my pjs, on the deck, with the muggy Texas wind flowing through my hair, so don't feel TOO bad for me). I did a lot of laying around, making sand castles, finding crabs (not the Paris kind) for my girl. Although SHE picked them up, I merely pointed at them and screamed like a little bitch when she held one up to my face. Oh and MAYBE having a glass or two of vodka and whatever juice we had on hand. I got me a nice tan during the process as well. We didn't make it past the house too much except for some grocery shopping and a refill on the ol' sunblock. (I'll post pictures up soon).
But yes, all good things must come to an end and so I'm back to my improved home (new fireplace, new paint, new bathroom vanities, new, no popcorn ceiling) ALTHOUGH the guys we hired are messy fucks and I spent my first day home from vacation CLEANING drywall out of my cupboards! Lovely. Oh and then those bills I forgot to pay for before leaving for vacation..I might have to dive into that eventually.
Have I mentioned that being a grown up is HIGHLY overrated?
Also, I would be lying if I told you that I didn't have a little urge to move to Galveston, TX. since the house that we were staying in was also on sale FOR THE SAME PRICE as my postage-sized condo here in California! Ain't THAT a bitch?!?!?
We were seriously looking into it.

So wow, I have a lot of blogs to catch up on and me oh my!!! did I leave you guys high and dry for two whole Fridays with no Fan Letter Friday??? Oh the withdrawals must have been ugly for my three devoted readers! I hope you at least went to D-Listed or Perez from time to time to ease the pain. But fret not ...I have an idea on how to make it up to you this week. Could it be? A Fan Letter Five Day???

I could be getting a tad ambitious....


jali said...

There is no substitute for you so no one filled my Fan Letter cravings. (she said hysterically)

Sigh. Ok - I'm calm now.

Just don't do this again. It be callin' me, man. It be callin' me.

I'm expecting photos...

Miss-Informed said...

Yippee! You have returned. I do so enjoy hearing the updates:) Glad your vacation was so wonderful. The prices in the south ARE tempting. Almost tempting enough to forget about the tornadoes and what not's. I lived in South Carolina for 4 years and know all about bad weather and humidity!
Post some pics and give us a fan letter...anyday?!! Puuuhhhhhllleeeaaassseee!

tinakala said...

Wel, guess I´m the third. Put those vacation photos up!

Elaine said...

Photos coming soon..I had to be ghetto and get disposable cameras because my digital is broken. My Mother in Law should be sending me a few soon. Patience my children.

Tug said...

I hate you.

Jealousy & withdrawls do that to me.

;-) Welcome back.

Madonna said...

The prices in Texas are lovely. If I could deal with the climate (weather and political), I'd seriously consider moving there.

Good to see you're back, though.