Tuesday, February 06, 2007

OH. It's Just You Again...

I feel the need to mention the Superbowl since that was the big thing that happened this weekend. As you can tell from that sentence, I don't give a rat's ass about football, I was going for the Bears up until they started losing (that's right fairweather fan I am.. come on now, I'm from California..I got shit to do...you don't win, I don't have time to watch you) and I realized that the Bears' quarterback was a 10 year old with butterfingers. I still enjoyed watching the Urlacher show though.


And finally, much props to fellow midget Prince. Only a real man can rock a aunt Jemima doo rag and a bright blue suit. That's it for my "Superbowl rundown" ..sorry to disappoint, but the hubby baked some chocolate chip cookie bars midway through the game and the little attention I was paying to it went out the window. Do hillbillies (rednecks..whateva) eat little brown people like me? I mean, they eat all that wierd shit like squirrels and rabbits, who's to say that the part of town my husband grew up in didn't eat little brown foreign people....with gravy? I'm getting the sense that the hubby is fattening me up for a hillbilly brown people BBQ. Just like momma used to make!

Otherwise, I'm fresh out of blog material this week ladies and gents. No Madonna missions on the horizon as of yet and our next swap meet is about two weeks away. Its been a slow week and a slower week in the celebrity world still.. I fear the Fan Letter Friday might suffer because of this or I shall have to fall back on Brit's cheez wiz eatin' ass and talk about her, which I really don't want to do. Because I always smell like chum after writing about her. Its so wierd.

Anyways if you don't hear from me in a week...start looking for a big white boy licking BBQ sauce of his fingers and using my old T-shirt as his bib.


Anonymous said...

what about ryan o'neal? and daniel baldwin? and brandy? lotsa celebrity arrests, bench warrants, and recommendations to prosecute in this week's scandal kitty. i think you got a great fan letter friday in those alone. :-)

love madonna

Elaine said...

See? That's why I love you Madonna.

Riss said...

You don't care about football??? *GASP*

Oh yeah well... well.. well.. Madonna sucks!!! :P

Elaine said...

Riss: Ooooohhhhh!! "Of caws you know..dis mean WAH!!"
Yeah, no seriously. No interest in football. The men are too covered up. I like half naked men sports like Ultimate Fighting. I'm into sports for purely perverted reasons.

J. said...

I was thinking about you on Superbowl Sunday.
No seriously, I was.
Only because I watched a Madonna concert on another channel.
Honestly! It was kind of funny.
Flip ... Superbowl ... clickclick .. Madonna ... flip ... Superbowl.
I would've drove you nuts.

Miss-Informed said...

I wish my hunny made me some yummy cookie bars! Me so jealous. The whole picture thing, totally wrong!! Yuck times ten.

Webmiztris said...

speaking of Prince's show, this cracked.my.ass.up....


Webmiztris said...